Gimme More CTP Posts for Curating!

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I suppose that the majority of the people here know that writing valuable posts here on STEEM (and CTP Talk) is rewarded with upvotes and furthermore with tokens that can be traded for cryptocurrencies and later on, to fiat currencies (USD, EUR, CHF...)

On CTP talk the ratio of post rewards is 60/40 percent, which means that 60% of total rewards (in CTP) is going to the author of the article.

What happens to the other 40%?
That part is divided among all upvoters (here on STEEM they are called CURATORS). Generally, the "power" of somebody's upvote is directly connected with the amount of its' staked coins (in our example, CTP tokens). So, if you have more staked tokens, your upvote is valued more... You upvote someone's post and get roughly 40% of your upvote (actually, it can be more or less, but that is not today's' topic). So, you are EARNING money by GIVING your upvotes to others!

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Just a reminder: You DON'T PAY anything when you upvote someone's post! You are spending "voting power" (shortly VP), which is "rechargeable" over time, so in general, IT IS FREE!

So, we are slowly getting to the point. I'm usually keeping my VP between 85-95% (to keep my upvotes more valued), but I have noticed today that my VP was worryingly close to 100%. I didn't find an interesting article to upvote it to spend my VP!

So, I'm begging you, write, video, picture some interesting material about affiliate marketing, personal development or investing and post it on CTP Talk! And please accept my tokens!

Okay, this post was written in a humorous way, but still, everything inside of it is the truth. Also, it is the same thing with any other tribe on STEEM (maybe the author/curators ratio is different, but everywhere every upvote counts!) like PALNET, STEEMLEO, INT, NEOXIAN...


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I can not agree more than this and i will be writing my first post soon

That's the spirit! I feel much better if I have motivated someone for do it! If you have something to say, just do it... We want to learn something from you.
Thanks for passing by.

Very good point. Especially for CTP I'm always looking for posts to upvote to get my VP away from 100%. There are definitvely not enough posts ;-)

That's the spirit! Now, back to work... :)
Thanks for commenting... ;)

agree, everyone should be doing this daily, its like opening the doors to your business, if you dont open every day, no one will know you are there

The beautiful thing about curating is that you are helping others with your upvotes... Not just in money, but in emotions, satisfaction for a good job, etc.
Thanks for the comment Russell!

I agree I have been doing mostly curating as my posts in the summer are all about my garden so no ctp for me lol (yes a play on words. Come winter I will be doing more posting about investing on steem-engine.

Sounds like a good plan.. Thanks for commenting!

Aww, yes. It's like receiving "likes", it boosts one's self-esteem. 😃

I'm always happier when I'm giving upvotes, but receiving them is also satisfactory... :)
Thanks for passing by.. ;)

Gimme More CTP Posts for Curating!

You know, that's exactly what I was thinking! And I loved the way you've written it!

But not posts that add CTP tag just to fish for another token reward. Those only make the feed less clean for the rest of posts that deserve visibility.

..and I totally agree with you about the requirements for the posts... I don't ask for spaceships, just an article close to the CTP Talk niche, where the author put some effort to do it... Nothing more...

thanks for the post. CTPers often need encouragement on new things. This will explain & encourage. Post more folks!

That was the idea when I was writing this post! Thank you!

I want to see more people posting so I get to know then better.

I want to see more
People posting so I get
To know then better.

                 - trafficinsider

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

and there you are... creating haiku... :)
And I agree, we know each other better in the community...
Thanks for commenting!

Well done @ph1102, and nice to call for more great content to upvote, have an awesome day.

Thanks Erik, appreciate it!


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Thanks ph1102 for clarifying how the system works.

I am still a little bit confused, but You have clarified some of my questions.

I will be getting some CTP tokens within 24 hours and some of them will stake. I will then have to see how upvoting somebody's blog works.

You are welcome... If you have any questio, search for our Discord or Telegram group, someone will answer it in the matter of minutes... Or just ask here...
And I understand that sometimes a bunch of info can confuse, but just do it in your pace and you will be fine...
Thanks for commenting!

I was staked almost 6000 CTP under my other account @pet.scoiety
I will try to stake more and share to others chinese steemians to write some CTP post.

Thanks a lot! You are welcome to curate great posts on CTP Talk!

BAM! This one was great! What happens to the other 40%? Nice explained, and yes we all should and could do more. I can agree on that!! Thumbs up, vote up!!

Thanks a bunch!
Have an awesome day!