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CTP Token is Having a Big Time!

in ctp •  3 months ago 

There are only about 10 that I see so far lasting and turning into real projects so far. There will probably be more than that but a lot of them have no business plan or strategy to build a product and add use cases for the tokens.

Tokens are only good if there is a reason for them and most of the ones so far have just been made for the sake of it. The good thing is that this is only the first wave of projects and between tribes and SMT's we will see a lot more projects and more established projects emerge over time.

CPT is one that i really like the look of as it has a proper plan and use case for the business and and for turning a profit. That and a good team behind it should make for an interesting couple of years and hopefully a lot of success.

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Thanks for your comment... I can't agree more with you!!!