Coastal City Journey - Day 117 - Another withdraw for $60 received.

in #ctp2 years ago

27th withdraw successful for $60 to my Bitcoin wallet.

A simple and fun way to earn extra income.


If you need help don't hesitate to ask me for assistance.

Step 1 - Register.
Step 2 - Buy a Simple House with the 5000 Silver you will get for free.
Step 3 - Place it anywhere on the map to start earning a passive income.
Step 4 - Buy more buildings by making a deposit.
Step 5 - Invite friends/referrals.

It is necessary to make a small deposit of $1 or get a referral that deposits just $1 or earn 2000 Gold from viewing surfing ads to unlock withdraws.

Coastal City - Day 117.PNG

Coastal City 27th withdraw 15th Mar 2020 $60.PNG

Luno $60 received from Coastal City 15 Mar 2020.PNG

Coastal City Dashboard Kambas Account 15th Mar 2020.PNG

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