My first CPTM investment

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Hello everyone here your friend @Junior182

ctp miner.png

Today I made my first investment to earn a touch CTP, through miners, make a purchase of 3.5 CTPM. Perhaps much will say that it is not much, but little by little it is escalating (but the situation that I live in my country, is my only income I use it to help my family), to obtain profit I will go buying more CTPM.

Steps to buy CTPM on Steem Engine and Park it.

1.- Enter Steem Engine with your username and password.
steem engine.png

  1. Enter the market for this platform.

  2. Enter the amount that is currently 2 steem, plus the amount you want to buy.


  1. Upon acquiring the amount of miners touch it (if you do not perform this procedure you will not receive the profit)
    invesion 3.png

All images are screenshot of Steem Engine
I hope to see you helped with this post.

Let's climb to the future

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Thank you so much for your support!

We appreciate it very much :)

Thank you for creating this platform for us. Open new doors to generate profits in a very productive way.

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