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Wow, what a terrifically frantic morning!

Made sure I got a good night's rest, yep at least 6 hours, got up and did the chores early, all in readiness for the Christmas Badge Hunt. I had already had a look at the requirements before I went to bed, so I could plan a strategy for the best way to get all these awesome badges.

Looks like The Universe decided that today was the perfect day for our (very) friendly neighbours in our 14-unit complex to drop by and chat. Since we had a lot of left over food from yesterday's wake, for once I didn't mind those distractions as one after another we had a steady turn-over of visitors. Yep, today was going to be especially busy alrighty!

Helping one of the neighbours take back to her studio apartment an empty chillpack for her to use as extra storage capacity, I popped my eyes through our mailbox and spied some envelopes. OK, drop made, quick chat and farewells said, then I hurry back home to get the key and grab the mail.

All done, and in a rush I open the post.


Wow, a hand-written letter and some stickers! Could only be from Jon. Yep, that's a Canada postage stamp.

No matter how very busy today has become for me, I always make time for @jongolson as he's helped me out heaps over the years, and I still owe that man a few favours.

Nothing's more important in my life right now than for me to drop everything and get this article out, to show my appreciation for someone special. Jon goes out of his way to help others, often for little or no reward or appreciation.

Hey Jon, I know how that feels man, I get that all the time. Strange, I now know why Mary and I have had so many visitors this morning; they were readying me for that thank-you from Jon, done in his own hand, in his own style.

Merry Christmas Jon! May God the Father Almighty find favour in your warm heart, and bless you and your loved this day and every day forevermore, my friend.

Ian Ballantine
Wellington, New Zealand
December 16, 2019.



Wow @ianballantine, Jon sure takes care and makes things special, and you even got a unicorn with the stickers too, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thanks Erik for your manual curation. As for the unicorn, that was an old gift bag we were going to toss this time last week, until I saw the beast and thought: "hmmm, I've a feeling I'm going to need this 'lil beaut"! Must've known something was a'happening! Merry Christmas my friend.

Thank you very much @ianballantine, and the universe guided you or maybe the unicorn, keep up your awesome work.

Thanks for posting this Ian. It is that spirit of giving without the expectation of something in return. It comes from following the example set forth by the one who said "I Am" And Jon is awesome. He has helped me too many times over the years. Thanks for helping your neighbours.

Thanks Ken for your comments and your kind words. Yep, Jon is the real deal awesome sauce sort of guy. He sent me a letter a few years ago too, when I was living in Brisbane, Australia. I'll have a looksie, I've a feeling I may have kept that one with the limited pile of papers that I could bring across back in '13.

Wow. Ya know that should not surprise me. I think what the surprise is, is that after all these years @jongolson still does this stuff.

True leadership here.


Yeah Bradley, he still does care. The reason is simple: he's been doing this thank-you reinforcement for so long, he sees that activity as being part and parcel of his business. Lots to learn from Jon, and this aspect is just one of them. Now that's a sign of true leadership!

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