I Don't Want to Wait in Vain for Your Love...

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Got on to the Telegram platform to check out the latest goss on the ClickTrackProfit group and there it was: "webinar starts in 45 minutes too."

I checked the time Jon posted that reminder: 12:13pm.

Yep, there's my post just above his at 12:10pm: "right, be gone for a while, chores then off shopping, catch ya'll later. :)<."

Darn, bad timing or just karma? Nope, my fault, been so taken by @jongolson with @pennsif on Tribe Talk earlier on MSPWaves that I'd let my mind drift. There you have it, not bad timing, not karma, just lack of planning on my part. Mental reminder to self: get a whiteboard!

Looked down and there was Jon's image, the show had already started at 1:00pm. Right, drop everything and get on to that link. Oops, too late, time was now 2:07pm and the vid stops at 1:05. OK, too late to take an active part, so I'll listen in anyways on the recorded segment in Facebook.

"Let's go to the shops", Mary says, standing next to me. "I need to go for a walk", she adds. "Me too", I reply, putting the vid on pause. May as well, missed the live show anyway so will walk off the angst and spend instead.

Get back home and the time is now 2:35pm. Right, got to check some mailer sites then complete the CTP recurring tasks so I can plus1 before server reset at 5:00pm. Daylight saving arrived in New Zealand a few weeks back. The servers usually reset on the east coast of USA at midnight EDT, and that is now 5:00pm my time.

My internet business rotates around that server reset time, since I collect badges and other goodies. CTP runs on that time too, as do most traffic exchanges. The count of the total number of sites surfed reverts back to zero at that time, so I can easily miss out on incremental badges.

Why are CTP badges so important to me? Well, because I like to show off where I'm most active, bragging right yeah! Besides, that's just another way to support Jon and Blain and the rest of the CTP team. You see, site owners pay CTP to put badges on to their sites, since CTP members will surf sites that have these badges. Just makes makes good business sense: you want surfers, then offer an incentive or carrot.

OK, mailers done and mailings sent, now on to the surf-for-badges ritual. Let's first mute the Mozilla Firefox web browser I use for surfing - I use that browser as that's the safest one for me and greatly reduces the chances of external intervention in my hard drive - and listen in to Jon on the Brave web browser, the one I mainly use for my social media activities.

Ah, the joy of hearing Jon exclaiming the benefits of CTP and online business generally while surfing for badges! Truly, if you have never surfed in this way, then man, wax the 'board and hit the surf!

Good, all done, got 5+ badges, updated the recurring tasks in CTP and now I've plus1'd. Awesome sauce, now let's just finish off that Facebook assignment for my mate Jon. Dive back into Facebook and like and share.

Here's my comment on Jon's Facebook post: "wow, shame I missed the live feed Jon. that was an awesome show. thanks for recording this one. made me feel happy as jam!" His reply later: "thank you sir!"

What's this, here we are a couple of hours after the live broadcast, and I'm the only one?

Steem'd, that's how I was feeling! Jon goes out of his way to bring us the latest goss and giveaways, and all he gets is me to thank him in social media!?! What gives? Don't the CTPers I'm member'd with know how important Facebook is? Didn't Jon mention on his show that Facebook is massive?

C'mon fellow CTPers and steemians. Our leaders go out of the way to give us stuff, and lots of good stuff too, and how do we thank them? We're entering a new era in internet marketing, we're right on the cusp now of a major sea change, and what do we do to promote our leadership, and lift them up?

Commentary on the CTP Telegram group shortly after:
my comments: "wow, how about that, Jon's post has 1 comment and 1 share, let's see, who did that? did you'll know that commenting and sharing on social media is very important, that's how you drive traffic to the author / creator. that's how we "pat Jon's back" for a job well done."

"yep, that'll do for my next blog, methinks."

"just need to find the right song / lyrics."

universe: silence.

I don't want to wait in vain for your love...

Ian Ballantine
Wellington, New Zealand
October 22, 2019.

An afterthought, perhaps a hint: Jon and I often like and / or comment on each other's posts in Facebook and in Twitter; we're a social media tag-team looking for more teamsters to help pull the load.



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Too bad you missed the liveshow @ianballantine, but there is always the replay, and nice that you collect those badges in CTP, and thanks for sharing your day, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thanks, yeah just wished I made that show! Never mind, will aim for the next one. Main thing is to be progressing, across all fronts, one step at a time.

Thanks @ianballantine, and you are right the only way is forward, I wish you an awesome week ahead.