Sea Life Hits mug

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I won this mug from a splash page contest on sea life hits. It's the first thing I have earned online.

The splash page I made is this

sea cow.png

Sea Life Hits is a great Traffic exchange. I surf there everyday
Howard Fullmer

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I think its time for an other SLH Coffee mug give away - Contest soon

Yes it has been awhile

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nice splash page & great looking mug, what the heck did you put in the mug? It doesn't look like coffee :-)

Those are sketching pencils and pens lol it has become my pencil holder

Cool to see this one again...and in future there will be new chances to win over at the sea. Keep up the great work you do!! Success

That is great work @howyf2, and a nice mug, I bet the coffee that you pour in it taste better and makes you a better surfer too. 😀

I remember seeing that splash page! Good work.

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