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Hello friends, how are you all? Surely you are all well. The point I will discuss in front of you today is that no one can be ignored. If you know this well, you will understand that neglecting means making yourself much smaller. So I will tell you never to neglect anyone. Don't look down on negligence. If you neglect, you will never be able to do anything good. And every step of the way you will face dangers so you all have to work together. Then I think you can do something good.

Can't be disrespected. If you disrespect someone, you will think that disrespecting a person is never a matter of politeness. So you will always respect people, speak with respect, give them love. Then you will love them, they will love us. If you can do this, you will see that you can do something good no matter how much each other has problems. But then no one will be able to see you with other eyes, everyone will look at you with good eyes, then you will go ahead to do something googood.

To win the heart with love. If someone looks at you with hatred, you will love what you do. If you can love them, you will see that no matter how much they hate you, they will love you. So I will tell you that if someone neglects you, you will not neglect them. Love them if you can do it, see that you must love and there will be no arrogance in it and you two can do something good.

If you can master the above discussions well, you will see that you will not have any kind of negligence in your mind. You will love people, people will love us too. If you can do it then but everyone will love you together. You can do something then that everyone can expect together. So if you all try to walk together then you will get something good.

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