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RE: Silver American Eagle Coins for Investment

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Hi @busylion. I see that you've been keeping pretty active here on Steem. That's awesome! I’m checking up on everyone who is followed by the Steem Terminal and I wanted to offer a few tips to help you succeed here on Steem. One would be that for a post about precious metals like this one you may want to use #steemsilvergold. There is a great precious metals community here on steem and they use that tag to see all the relative posts. This post could find support there. Also I see you are from California so you might want to checkout the #mycalifornia contest and the @socalsteemit community. The more communities like these that you engage with the more you will find people that have similar interests which will help you get more traffic to your posts as well as better payouts. If you ever have any other questions or need any help don't be shy. Myself and the rest of the team at the Steem Terminal are always happy to help!



wow thanks for the info

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