The CTP Update - Hardforks, Hunts & Huge News!

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It's been a crazy few days on the blockchain, and there were lots of questions in ClickTrackProfit about what happened...

We'll go over that plus some news on the CTP side of things in today's update :)

The Blockchain Forked, Then Halted

In a nutshell, Steem did exactly what it was supposed to do. I won't bore you with all the technical jargon, and you can check out @Steemit Inc's official news release for that kinda thing. But when the blockchain forked last week, there were a few errors in the code....

As blocks started to get produced, it noticed something strange and the blockchain halted. Essentially, this is a massive security feature of the Steem blockchain. If things don't line up, it shuts down to protect everything!

A day and a half of coding and replays, and we're back to normal :)

Yes, you can now post and curate on CTPtalk like normal!

Curation Is Back Which Means...

This official account is out looking for awesome content to upvote / curate!

We are looking to reward you for sharing your journey and experience with others. Part of learning how to get into the habit of regular content creation is to set up a time that you dedicate to writing on your blog.

For example, I make sure I set my weekly schedule up to include daily content creation on Steem and through my email lists. This makes sure I'm always in contact with my audience and helps me build the relationships with them.

Nugget: Pick a few days a week and make a commitment to create!

(Because we're on the look out to upvote you and reward you for your content too...!)

The Badge Hunt Is Live

The End of Summer Badge Hunt is live...And people are having a blast hunting for them.

end of Summer badge hunt (1).png

Be sure you check out all the awesome promo partners that are hosting the badge hunt and see how many you can collect. Remember, the more badges you collect, the bigger chance you have at winning the hunt.

Log into ClickTrackProfit now and click on 'Xtras -> Badge Hunt' to see your game card and what you have to find today!

What's The Focus Of ClickTrackProfit?

I had an interesting email from a concerned customer today...Basically they thought CTP was all about collecting badges and not about the training.

I just wanted to remind everyone...ClickTrackProfit is about learning affiliate marketing in a fun and engaging way. We aren't trying to bore you with hours of talking head videos, selling you the latest greatest gadget....'

We want you to start thinking in the 'two B's of CTP'...

  • Brand Your Personal Brand Through Content Creation / Engagement
  • Build Your Email List Via...Content Creation & Awesome Engagement

And we do that through many tools...The badges are one of those tools. As well as tools like CTPtalk, the Profile Pages on CTP and all the lessons in the 'Click' module.

This isn't supposed to be a get rich quick plan at all...It's a get rich SUPER SLOWLY plan if anything...

Stay the course, the journey is amazing!

Personal Development Corner (What Am I Reading Right Now...?)

Thought this would be a fun little addition to our updates...A little look into what I'm (@jongolson) currently reading..

Like you guys know by now if you have been following me for any amount of time...


I like to read!

And the past month I've been so busy with launching CTPtalk and it's tokens, that I haven't had time to settle down and get back to reading...

That ends now as I have recently started to poke my nose into this gem by Jay Baer called 'Talk Triggers'


I'm about 50 pages in and can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite books in recent memory...

What are you reading to help you on your personal development journey?

And Finally....Some Huge CTP Token News!

I think we've saved the best for last....

Now that Steem is back we will be putting the finishing touches on something our little industry has been needing for years.

We all fell victim to PayPal and their 'wiping' of affiliate marketing businesses. And since then, lots of website owners have been looking for ways to accept payments and send payments to their affiliates.

The CTP Token IPN will be coming very soon :)

In the very near future, we will have a simple payment processor implemented where businesses can add the ability to receive CTP Tokens for payment of products and services on their own website.

We're very close to releasing this and will add a ton of real world use cases for the CTP Token.

This is very exciting and something we wanted to do in the great 'union or marriage' between blockchain and affiliate marketing. Crypto is the perfect payment option for our industry and we can't wait to allow business owners to add CTP Token as a way for their customers to pay for services and products!

Coming VERY soon.....

Wow...That was a lot :)

We're working hard every day to build massive value for both communities...ClickTrackProfit and Steem!

If there is anything we can do, please drop us a line anytime.


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine -

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The IPN will be great! Are you also going to have it so we can get commissions paid in steem as well ??

Nope. CTP Tokens. Sure....But not Steem.

Thanks for this wonderful update

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Thanks for reading it :)

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Awesome, thanks for your support man...Always appreciated!

Wow the CTP Token IPN is just the greatest news on Steem of this whole month, even more so than the DTC token sale, this adds much more value than anything that this tribe has done so far, it has me very excited, keep it up and stay awesome.

We're still flying well below everyone's radar...I like it like that LOL


What a great idea to create an IPN for the token. I'm going to collect even more CTP tokens ;-)

Awesome to hear man...Yeah once this thing goes live, should have use cases immediately from programs within CTP itself.

Does copy & paste simple mean it can be pasted inside the IPN section of such scripts as LFMTE and LFMVM and be fully automated or will manual intervention be required?

Should be super simple...But I would ask Blain to be certain LOL

Exciting for more news about this and i believe steem will also continue to grow and moge forward

Agreed...More concerned about CTP Tokens though :)

The CTP Token IPN will be huuuuuuuuuge!
I hope that Blain is on 99% for it :)

He didn't even know I was gonna make it public today so......LOL

No pressure @blainjones

hahahaha... no pressure at all.. all eyes on @blainjones

Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the comments and all the great content!

All fantastic news. Love the IPN.

Should be a ton of fun....

Thanks for the informative update. I am a TE owner and I am very excited about being able to add CTP Tokes as a payment method. I hope you will add a training module to the Owners section teaching up how to install the IPN.

It'll be copy and paste simple :)

@clicktrackprofit, Good to read your perspective towards this pause, many took this as negative but you've said this as Security Feature and that reminds me one line and that is, Some painful stuff happens for good.

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