The CTP Update - Fire Pay Is Here!

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It's official official now!

After months of development and tons of testing, we have released the Fire Pay payment integration service - Home of the CTP Token IPN!!!!

And we've been busy all weekend working with our launch partners to get the word out - You can now PAY for advertising products and services using the CTP Token!

(The CTP Token was beta tested on for the past week - Everything has been running smoothly!)

Fire Pay has been added to the following websites over the past 48 hours...We are testing and making sure everything is rocking but so far, so good:

ds.png - Owned by Steemian @RussellStockley and one of our first supporters. We're excited to see Fire Pay become the standard for a lot of owners in the affiliate marketing / online advertising realms.

TrafficLeads2IncomeVM.png - Owned by a brand new Steemian @ghcamry . Rob has been a friend of mine for almost 20 years. He jumped onboard the relaunched ClickTrackProfit and has been fascinated with everything we're doing with Steem / CTP Token. He fell in love and has been a huge supporter of what we are building here!

Biz Ventures Marketing Group - Fire Pay is being added to an entire network of websites within the Biz Ventures Marketing Group! One of the biggest supporters of ClickTrackProfit, Michael Camire, is bringing his network of sites to the blockchain! We're honored to have him on board can't wait to see the results he gets from integrating CTP Token and the entire Fire Pay system!

Traffic Insider - This big network of advertising websites has plans to integrate Fire Pay / CTP Token as well in the near future. The owner has been a HUGE supporter of ClickTrackProfit and also one of the top holders of CTP Token @trafficinsider

SiteXplosion - One of the oldest traffic generation sites online has also integrated Fire Pay into it's services. Very exciting and we will be working hard for this to become the 'norm' in the industry!

It's safe to say, we're going to be very busy over the next few weeks! With the goal, to spread MASSIVE awareness for not only our amazing launch partners, but also the blockchain!

The goal was simple but bold...

Bring affiliate marketing to the blockchain and vice versa!

All while doing so to rid the world of the 'old guard' of online payment options...As affiliate marketers we need something better. And crypto is it!

Our roadmap for 2020 is:

- Continue to integrate Fire Pay into partners websites

- Raise awareness of Fire Pay / CTP Token as a solid option to send and receive payments in the affiliate marketing industry

- Integrate ALL other Steem-Engine Tokens into Fire Pay so the customer can choose which tokens they want to receive and support.

- Bring Steem / CTP to the world!!!

Let's continue to make 2020 the year of actual use case and adoption!

To learn more about Fire Pay, join our Telegram at ClickTrackProfit or visit


The 'Official' CTP Merchandise store is open for business.

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

CTP Condenser -

CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

CTP Token on SteemLeo DEX -


@jongolsen I just love how you just keep trucking along doing while others are thinking about it. This is fantastic.

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Appreciate that very much! We're here building no matter what and continue to promote Steem to our membership! Big 2020 ahead :)

WooHoo Congratulations @jongolson and @blainjones, you've done it again! Pioneers in the industry! Congratulations too to @RussellStockley @ghcamry and Michael Camire for being the first to implement it! Fire-pay is going to blaze through the affiliate marketing industry! Love the idea, really well done guys! :)

Thanks Lee. Here's hoping :)

This is just awesome Jon, the much needed solution to have use case outside of just being a rewards token on the blockchain, an actual payment processor, and the first time on Steem, keep up the great work and stay awesome.

Yeah man, it's pretty exciting. Once we get Engine tokens loaded on it, it's a whole new world :)

Yeah that will just skyrocket, stay awesome.

This is a fantastic innovation that Industry owners have been waiting for for a long time, and also members are taking up the opportunity.
A breath of really really fresh air in the industry, I applaud the Innovation of this great Payment Integration System.
For Owners, this is simp,e easy to set up, (as long as you are not trying to do it late at night as a last minute project with a glass of wine under your belt) and for members, your options are now even greater.
I also love that Fire Pay integrates with Stripe, so direct CC paymenst also possible through this system.
But the cruncher is the adoption of CTP Tokens. what a boon, this will ceratianly generate more activity in the community and see some great cointent getting posted.
Remember you can buy CTP Tokens :)

Thanks man, and thank you for all your support in helping us launch this!

That's amazing it's good to see this is being well received and adopted, Finally a solution that will revolutionise, revive and re ignite the world of online marketing with added value to the blockchain. This calls for a Celebration Party...

Or we are PUMPED up! Now we just need to spread the word and get more businesses on board :)

This crypto stuff only works when people USE it..

This is great news should make the value of CTP tokens go up I would imagine. Also hope it gets more people into collecting and using CTP tokens.

Hope so man, and to get the word out to others....This is the place to build and develop on :)

Excellent. I saw owner post in his skype room about it and I saw your FB post about it. I hope to get this too Thanks for link

For sure, thanks Cheryl.

Great news for ALL Steem-Engine token owners and holders... Maybe they don't get it how big is this accomplishment, but the will very soon...
Good work!

Thanks man, yeah been touching base with a few project owners on Steem Engine, they want to get onboard :) Big things coming!

Thanks Jon! Maybe feature the firepay sites somewhere in ctp as that jives with your business model for sure. To support the supporters and I applaud you and yes, I am super stoked and with y'all!

Some of you savvy guys and gals are featured in Mastery ;)

Yes, it is a beautiful thing and a way to definitely reinforce concepts to our learners.

Great Content, Great News,
Up-voted & Re-Steemed to our growing online readership.

Thanks man, yup more people are learning about it and getting very excited :)

I love what you are doing here at CTP and plan to implement much of it into my two mailers (Genie and ProspectGeyserCoop) as well as into our CLB Learning program. It's great to see such awesome leadership giving confidence to the industry once again. Well done!

Would be honored to have you onboard Janet. Drop us a line anytime and we'll help you get it set up :)

I am excited by this news and would like more information on adding Fire Pay to my site

Looking forward to it man. Would love to have you onboard!

This firepay. I sign up for it but I not sure how to add my website to it. someone says there telegram room but they are ignoring me on that

Cheryl, you havent mentioned a thing in Telegram. You sure you are in the right room?

I can't i have enemy in there sorry.

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Not sure if answer this yet. but I do know how to fill in form at fire-pay or if I have extra funds for. they have instructions.