An update of sorts...

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I know it's been a few days weeks months since my last post. Life has been... interesting to say the least. I started a job that turned out to be not as advertised. Started another job... then the car died. Had it fixed, or so we thought. But, sometimes fixing one issue leads to or causes others. The engine had a "lifter tap' We were told it should be fine and get it fixed soonish. On our way to get my son from school several hours away, on the day before Thanksgiving, the engine went boom.
OK, it was more of really loud rattle then dead silence. I could have been mad, swore and threw things. I chose not to. Not to say I was happy at all with the situation. But, it happened very close to home, no one got hurt. We got a tow relatively quickly and were still able to get my son. Things can always be worse. Just don't say that when you're in the moment. The universe likes to take that as a challenge. (personal experience).
So, dealing with all that and a lot more has taken me away from here. I will try to post more. No promises though. I do still curate though. So keep up the great content.

I still do the faucets every dayScreenshot_32.jpg
And after once a day clicking and many many days I am up to a few bucks worth of crypto
This is like the anti get rich quick. It does work, just very slowly and only with persistence.
Just my .02¢. YMMV
Keep Stackin


hey @athomewithcraig how are you? Hope to see more of you esp on APPICS. hope all will be well. I've been having trouble accessing the moonlitecoin site. oh well! happy weekend to you!

I'm sorry to hear all this bad stuff that happened to you, but, as you said, nobody got hurt and that is the most important! And, usually, bad stuff goes in the chain reaction, but I hope that you have reached 'till the end of that...

Now, it's time for good things to happen... It's always like that..

Wish you the best!

So glad to see you here again! Sometimes, when you get a bowl full of lemons, you just might as well make some lemonade (or however that saying goes). The Universe will have your back as long as you keep on going and go with the flow. If it doesn't, tell them Pixie said so! ;)

Warm hugs to you,my friend! 🧚‍♀️💜

ty ty I will surely mention your name lol

Nice to see that you are still kicking Craig, and sorry about all your troubles, I hope it will get better and wish you a Merry Christmas.

thank you. Merry Christmas


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