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CTP Token is Having a Big Time!

in ctp •  3 months ago 

I upvoted and resteemed @ph1102 and yeah I may want to pay for a peak tribe for ASS token and start using it to give away ASS tokens to CTP members to give them experimental money points to play with and attempt to trade on steem-engine market :D

Eventually I will make a video about making money trading CTP token, the day I make my first $100 trading CTP token on steem-engine during times of volatility when we start having like tens of thousands of people joining bro, its gonna be insane

people will fall in and STAY after seeing how FUN steem is we just need to post charismatic personalities in all the discords, we will have a tribe for every interest

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Thanks for resteem, upvote and of course your valuable comment! Just yesterday @jongolson mention you that you are the owner of ASS token... It's a really catchy name and it was the first tribe that I have spotted at SteemPeak!
I hope that you will do something with it and make a ton of money! :)
Have a nice day!