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CallToCombat is a PvP battling game that permits players to get prizes for their cooperation. The game is played on the Binance Savvy Chain, which is a blockchain network intended for speed and versatility. CTC was created by a group of blockchain center designers and individuals from a notable easygoing game improvement organization.

How Does CallToCombat Function?


Players can pick one of three groups to fall in line with: people, mythical beings, or orcs. Every group has its own extraordinary capacities and players can have practical experience in various jobs inside their group. For instance, a few players might decide to zero in on scuffle battle while others might favor ran assaults. Players can likewise buy weapons and reinforcement from the in-game shop utilizing the game's local money, CTC Tokens.

What are the Advantages of Playing CallToCombat?

There are a few advantages of playing CallToCombat. In the first place, the game offers players the valuable chance to acquire prizes for their cooperation. Second, the game is played on a versatile blockchain stage that can uphold an enormous number of players without forfeiting rate or execution. Finally, the game highlights basic yet habit-forming ongoing interaction that will make players want more and more.

  1. CallToCombat further develops critical thinking abilities.

  2. CallToCombat further develops dexterity.

  3. CallToCombat further develops collaboration abilities.

  4. CallToCombat assuages pressure.




2022 — Q3

Game idea advancement
Battle and Field Character Creation
Token Brilliant Agreement Creation

2022 — Q4

Online entertainment account creation
NFT Field characters and deliveries
V1 site discharge
First Artistic Trailer
Fair send off
Brilliant Review (Savvy Agreement)
Associations with a few Gaming organizations/brands
Full Review and KYC Center Group
BUSD Rural Agreements
DApp V1 Advancement
Local area online entertainment challenges (up to 10k$ available to all)
Battle NFT Commercial center v1.0
Forceful Powerhouse Advertising

2023 — Q1

Beta Application Advancement (Web3 model)
Certik Review (Game Agreement)
Begin financial planning with some portion of the Financial Asset
Solana Blockchain Item Mix
Battling the NFT Market
Beta Application Advancement (Android and iOS)


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Call to Combat is a game developed in the style of the metaverse and built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

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