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"To be present in the here and now", attaching a selfie with a WiseGov Senior Analyst Gang member using #SoundWeapon/#SoundTorture against me (to, thinking what their words might be, "help solve a case" where I write/talk about sound trauma — by making invasive noises/sounds at physically painful volumes like trauma I was raised around).

Text Selfie:

Screenshot from 2020-07-10 10-58-09Screenshot from 2020-07-10 10-58-13 `20200710-0930 #37 #118 #037 #Evidence forwith https:\\watch?v=BCCMTfdhMqY from writing\coding https:\ next to SR-71 sound weapon`.png

Screenshot from 2020-07-10 10-58-13 `20200710-0930 #37 #118 #037 #Evidence forwith https:\\watch?v=BCCMTfdhMqY from writing\coding https:\ next to SR-71 sound weapon`.png

Audio Selfie:

I originally wrote in the main post:

`To be present, I could start with saying, in tweet form: #CoderBlog #Hexspeak #OfficialHexspeak #WiseGov #71 #SR-71 #WereYou17Before18Too? Saving to Google Drive audio recording of $118/h WiseGov Senior Analyst gang telling somebody paid $10/h to clean by my door at time 10:17 on the date 7/10th (to show #WiseGov can pattern match like a pro and perform to show they're "involved"). I will share a YouTube recording of the exchange where where somecop gets to use a robotic method for torture while making names calling me a "Robot"

Obligatory link to reference and, with the added question of how and if some of the police government is secretly using robotic electronic weapons to fight (wait, against or for?) Government Psychology.`

I know from that cops like to make fun of psychologists, but the personal experience with somecops making a joke of my going to counselors and talkng about sound torture/trauma, is another story.

(While you're there feel free to watch my channel for vetting.)


Cracked (Canadian TV series)
Cracked is a Canadian police crime drama television series which aired from January 8 to November 25, 2013 on CBC Television. The series was created by writer Tracey Forbes and Toronto Emergency Task Force officer Calum de Hartog, and was executive produced by Peter Raymont and Janice Dawe of White Pine Pictures. It premiered on January 8, 2013, and aired new episodes through November 25, 2013.

Thank you deeply.

(Some significance here is that (besides how I love and loved because it shows a cop with a doc, like police + doctor (maybe my inspiration for policedoctor/ if you think about the wordmath order of operations when I say PRISM), with which is not what US law requires yet, I mean we have the government grandstanding about regulations for corporations "causing" problems, while themself running their own secret/shadow ops/mods/cops using the same EXACT unregulated "algorithmic" (code for "human er robot or law, I will not confirm or deny because I do not have to describe what my job is") hacking/tricks/tools which superconveniently are not being addressed in any congressional hearings (which are humor for the educated people who know Russia is not "hacking" by buying with a credit card some Adverts, nor is the NSA/CIA/FBI doing us any favors by hacking every Intel Inside programming construct and then blaming Microsoft for Exchange being vulnerable, and Cambridge Analytica is not "hacking" by using an open public facing data API, and besides the NSA/RSA 100% owns every encryption algorithm but does not have a shred of decency I mean transparency, but poor people do not know better so it sells "We did not know what was happening because we were busy NYT/CNN advertisers/marketers doing it by pumping hitcount headlining ourselves and getting away with it now we're ignorantly pointing fingers suddenly playing every side like fools and idiots singularly blaming Mark Z for inventing the internet AND publishing alone in their room" paranoidical sensationalized hitjob newspapers, oh you mean the newspapers do not take responsibility for social media huh, we did not know the internet has been around for decades the same EXACT unchanged code?, how super... that's cute, you want to change the source but not for recording/reporting your own same gigs...? If a newspaper can not manage IPFS earlier than the NSA can track how it's own crypto is managed then we have a problem with such "reporting" itself not being scored for transparency, who is reporting these law=code changes? is IPFS the improvement er is TCP/IP the problem... why is the NYT only now "learning" about that, why are CNN and NYT and Fox getting a pass at running their own identifcal content/argument/pseudojudicial surfacing algorithms, something to do with money, you mean NYT/WSJ is not funded to report that, just promote FB/AOL/Google+ and Pornhub then forget G+ and Pornhub in a heartbeat because it hurts to take responsibility for your stocksational reporting on the actual citable quotable Code as Law being not in any report, where is the groundbreaking journalism of the actual code used/abused written in the very code we speak of, because TCP/IP takes too many letters to spell, it does not feel as good to describe the actual code in writing instead of scapegoating Mark Z?, because the NSA calls that an "automated encryption algorithm" when it's a human being and we do not have a word for "that is not a law being used by law/mod enforcement that's something else called self-judicating human being(s) reading at great/sizable speed while acting live in real-time in the heat of the moment on their emotions and opinions while using the word Law, when they're basically just talking in code individually, when they're basically just talking by pressing a code individually, instead of talking by writing English to people individually"? and now we learn about that problem from before and blame Mark Z?), where is the hearing about how rogue cops are hacking around, instead of just talking like broken facial recognition about Mark Z's face?), but it's good to hear someone cared enough to think about making it a documentary of how that could work, I mean besides that...) I think my replier is maybe? [@wikitextbot == @steemcenterwiki?])

Recognize, I mean please recognize, that I realize I might be replying here to a robot er a human who knows? Technically "Steemit the Organization" requires KYC but the Know Your Customer is not shown transparently, maybe that's a place for the government to start instead of just having congressional hearings hacking at corporations and individuals like me, maybe could start to KYC itself first and lead by example, maybe we need Badge Numbers as much as Mark Z's testimony, can I call that hashtag #KnowYourCop? er #KnowYourCops? or in codequote Know Your Cop?

Let me make another prediction, that by the year 2037 maybe a congressional hearing will feature an actual Senator in the "Intelligence" committee (I know a lot of law is silent letters, but I do not think is even on paper yet) asking for rule of law to mean rule of code meaning Code is Law as Law is Code meaning transparency for law is the same as transparency for code and if law is open then code is open too by law.

Because I'm talking to what could be a human er robot or myself here, I will make another prediction while we're there, that by the year 3007 we will have a normal Senator in the Normal Police Committee talk about giving Officers Badge Numbers, for real.

Oh and if we're talking about that already, I might as well make a prediction about another point, that by the year 2051, somereader will acknowledge first 1 then 2 points by 2049 err 2051, that me @scribe is not a religious scribe meaning even if alot of bots/cops (used in the pejorative (tone) [to describe cops who do not have badge numbers nor code/law transparency on paper in writing {so I'm saying I wrote that spelling on purpose/consciously/intentionally/deliberately, if we do not track the police we can not technically track anyone I'm talking about anywhere}]), and (again, by 2049/2051 ideally) that is enough said when I write and speak with a serious voice while some (cop?) audience members laugh for fun at having Badge Numbers for the first time.

Ohh why not I realize/empathize some people are winning mad money/props while waiting/stalling/delaying before establishing Standards/ Law(s) (must be fun to be a cop/mod and not follow public written laws er legal systems, what's the rush then right? Let's blame Mark Z for all the things the "cops" are doing {identically} too, let's blame Mark Z for the "cops" running the legal game to the gamut, then give time to cover their .css), but maybe by 2040 some cop will invent a way to run their games with a chat interrogation room just like/same/equal an interrogation room (wordmath #ChatRoom + #InterrogationRoom = #ChatInterrogationRoom?), with the same rule(s) of law. You know, the kind of law like US Laws which are in writing, with the same rights, responsibilities...

I will state my opinion til proven fact, that (in terms of establishing the history of the issue of a time before rule of law sets in) the version of the "Wild West" of the Internet happened for the police before it happened for the public (Mark Z did not invent Cop Z, Judge U, Law Z nor Mod Z), and that story is not in writing yet because it sounds like how we're scapegoating Mark Z instead of acknowledging

Thank you for your comment, human or cop name(?). I appreciate you wrote the summary from the Wikipedia article, that is really intelligent. Is that called "Artificial Intelligence" er "Emotional Intelligence" to Know Your Customer/Client/Cop? Is that called "Artificial Intelligence" or "copy/paste while not using (directly attributing of) your (the programmer behind the algorithm) name"? At some point code law might require documentation of all changes, even me talking with here, er ELIZA + human being?

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