If CSW is not Satoshi, how come he has 1M BTC

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So CSW was ordered today to hand over 500k in BTC and some other stuff.

The thing that strikes me is: who can have 1M BTC that is not Satoshi?

If he is not Satoshi, did he just steal the coins or was Satoshi not mining?

How does CSW have 1M BTC without being Satoshi?

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He could have been an early miner which could have accumulated plenty of bitcoin as well given how high rewards were and how low the hash rates were when it all started.

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As far as i know he stole it from the real stoshi's computer after his death. He did work on the project though with real satoshi.

So dead guy is satoshi?

Thats the wide belief. That what the court case is.

Source? If this is true, I’d say letting the world know he controls 1M BTC is really foolish of him.

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Its the wide belief in crypto world and only theory so far that makes sense.

I guess the question is really, does he get the 1M BTC.

From the article you linked:

he hand over 50% of the over 1 million bitcoins Kleiman mined with Wright, as well as intellectual property rights associated with Bitcoin’s software


  • he mined the btc
  • he was close enough to the source to have "intellectual property rights associated with Bitcoin’s software."

So he was there early and got in. How do our steem whales have such big stakes? Same way - in early and held on.

Also the judge is only ordering 50% to be handed over so this gives legitimacy to CSW in my mind. Otherwise he would forfeit all.

I think it's definitely a burglary.

You think definetly?

It is amazing friend the only one who should have such a serious amount would be satoshi ..

@knircky, The funny thing is many said that they are Satoshi but till this date this Character is a mystery and world have only hype stories around this Character.

  ·  22 days ago (edited)

Good questions, something is undoubtedly happening, everything points out that yes, that CSW has without being Satoshi!