A concept logo animation for Steemit

in css •  2 years ago


I'm Pon and its my first post here.

As an experiment to learn more about web animation with SVG, I made an animated logo concept for Steemit. I've cut a Gif file which you can see below. Unfortunately, the gif sequence isn't super smooth, so to see it in its fully glory, check out the HTML, SVG and CSS version on Codepen.io

Let me know if you like it.



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Nice man, way to put some time and effort into that.


Thanks! Unfortunately, it looks like the animated gif is no longer displaying in this post though. I wonder why?

This is beautiful, would you mind if i used it in an upcoming project? Im happy to link and give you credit


Whoops! I only just saw this. Yes, please feel free to use it for your project if it's not too late! I'd love to see it live, so please send me a link when it's up.