Visual C# : How To Resize Windows form Application

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Learn How To Resize Windows form C# Application using Visual Studio.

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Check out the below video to learn How To Resize Windows form C# Application using Visual Studio Professional IDE.

How To Resize Windows form C# Application in Visual Studio?

There are applications that start in specific size. And they let the users to have better control over the usage with controlling the height and width. So it can get it more easier and quicker to access some controls.

You can either add your own size in the properties or let the user expand or reduce the size through the scrollbar. But it's always better to have some control on the size on our own first.

You can check the properties windows and edit the properties for resizing the windows. You can also set the auto resize property to some value as well.

For example code here can show you how the resize of some properties works.

new System.Drawing.Size(350, 300);

You can easily set the properties which handles your form elements and display them without having to hinder the user experience. So this takes some experiment for some form design.

window properties.png

Image credit: Visual Studio Community Edition

So that's simple demo for you to check out.

If you are interested in learning more, check out Visual C# Winforms Tutorials.

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