CryptoSafely ICO Information Network - Subject: Bitstrades ( DO NOT DO IT! )

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BitConnect 2.0?

Ok so, some warning signs ..

  • "BSS" Token .. eerily similar to "BCC"
  • "BSS Lending" .. sound familiar?
  • Exchange between BSS & Bitcoin .. been there, done that?

This interface looks familiar ..


I can't quite place it, but it gives me the willies .. I believe these folks have made use of a exchange enabling 3rd party platform and simply duplicated the same model as BitConnect ..


Entirely absent from website .. again, very similar to good ol'Bitconnect

Conclusion ..


Disclaimer: This is not professional investment advice, it is purely the well-researched opinion of the writer, but before making any decisions we urge you to do your own research as well, in order to make the best decision you possibly can. We of course do not accept any responsibility for any losses that you may incur .. or rather that 'we' incur, because we will be investing in those projects we believe are worthwhile enough to bring to your attention. Good luck to everyone and remember, participation in the revolution is how it will be perpetuated.

Approved - please provide support folks.

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         Resteem Done!!!

I'm sure there will be a lot of these popping up this year now that people have seen it's possible to scam people in this manner.

Crypto craze/hype is good for some and a disaster for others.

Keep up the good work, keeping everyone informed.

Great article. There are without a doubt a ton of new loaning platfoms that are as yet beginning up... Critical to spread mindfulness and jabber about Bitconnect. We know how this finishes! I'm trusting individuals are not going to do credits in these stages since they are on the whole going to fall sometime in the future, likely won't exist for an entire year.

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Good article. There are indeed a lot of new lending platfoms that are still starting up... Important to spread awareness and talk a lot about Bitconnect. We know how this ends! I'm hoping people are not going to do loans in these platforms because they are all going to fall someday, probably won't even exist for a whole year.

I'm with you on this!
I wish you all the best.

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Extremely intriguing post @proglobyte a debt of gratitude is in order for shareing about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin truly injoy this..

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