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If 2020 taught me anything thus far, it is NOT that it's a terrible year, to be forgotten and buried among the ashes of any other terrible year I've suffered through. In fact, while this year has affected me personally on every level possible, and I should be hating it with all my might... I cannot. Because in all of that darkness, I found a little light.


Yes, there is the virus, the virus, the VIRUS! Of course. And there are the riots, the RIOTS! I could go on but that would kill this post. I am not going to rant about that aspect. Suffice to say 2020 was difficult. For all of us in one way or another, and for some even harder.

So what do I have to be cheery about then? The idea that because I took a pause in life, career, and all the normal isms that I had going on in my world, I was able to step back and grow a little. The time that I've spent couped up did not go to waste for me. I took up that challenge with a fierce attitude. There were moments where I thought I would not be able to go another day without my old normal. I'll concede that, for sure!

What I did gain though, was my individuality. I learned, or re-learned, to look deeply inward. And the rewards I've had from this cannot be measured in money, fame, or anything else form the past. I've grown! I've learned new things!
Why... just writing this post HERE is a blessing for me. Before this, I had heard so little about the blockchain, and I always knew it was calling me, but I never had the time. That time arrived, and I was able to immerse myself in it.

So yes, 2020 is a difficult year, but I am not going to hate on it any longer.

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