I am glad you did. Hopefully people will be intrigued enough to read the white paper.

Be Frank with me...

What is the BEST, most secure, reliable WALLET to store them???

Viva Coin will have it's own wallet. but you can consider each mint a wallet as well. Unlike other cryptos, you can't lose your money if a mint is hacked. Every mint is 100% liable for every penny that it signs off on. Meanwhile, when your funds are at a mint they are put to good use and you earn interest. The mint signs off on everything, but the network backs the wallets at a mint.
Here is Audio that goes into more detail.
The audio is provided by our very own @glitterfart on Steemit! Hope that helps.

From the 30min soundcloud hangout recording it sounds like is the answer to my question???

Yes. That is correct. Sorry I could have made that abundantly more clear.

Since I strongly believe in my "thirds rule strategy" I WILL need the Best, most secure, and reliable WALLET to store them"IF" I want to invest 1\3

Very understandable. The mints being held accountable is an extra layer of security I believe many investors will grow to appreciate.

I do appreciate your time and help today and look forward to experiencing this SMS\VIVA COIN\CROWN transaction in the future!

Thank you @lexikon082

Best regards,

Frank III