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This is an eWaste ecosystem geared towards making the world waste-free. As a waste company registered in California Department of Toxic Substance Control Registered Universal E-waste Handler, it is set to revolutionize the status quo of the centralized waste industry which is worth trillions of dollar. The centralized solutions to waste management has not been functional or effective per see, this is a project that has developed working solutions to combat the present status quo. With the advent of blockchain technology, decentralization has set in.

Despite the Value placed on the waste industry, users have not taken a chunk of this industry. RFL is tapping into this industry in order to give back to the users who helped build the ecosystem. RFL is a registered company in the California Department of Toxic Substance Control Registered Universal E-waste Handler is here to change everything.

With RFL, you can recycle toxic wastes and get paid for participating in keeping the environment clean


As has been mentioned earlier, this is something that is being introduced by RFLto reward those who diligently recycle. If you are a waste recycler anywhere in the world you can use the platform. What you need to do is recycle waste, register the waste recycled in any waste management board around you, upload the proof on the RFL platform. RFL will be rewarded to the recyclers using the RFL cryptocurrency. This reward is not fixed it is dynamic and depends on the waste recycled.

Native Token Information

The native token that will be used in the RFL platform will be known with the ticker: RFL. This is an ERC-20 deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. To gain the RFL token, you have to take active participation in the ecosystem, as these tokens can only be used for rewards to those who recycle. You can also purchase the tokens on the exchange where it is listed. Below is information about the token

Token Information:

Token Ticker: RFL
Token Type: ERC-20
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
Token Price: $0.2
Circulating Supply: NONE as of the time of this content


Recycleforlife is set to give recyclers total control of their life, it is also introducing a reward system that recyclers can leverage on and have a great experience. This is a good project to target the waste industry and revolutionizing it. To benefit from the decentralization being brought by FRL, you have to register on the platform and recycle waste

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