XP Coin - (Hard Fork & Coin Swap)

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Hi Guys,

We have publicly released news that we are having a Hard Fork in January (More setails to come soon)

The coin swap will be 200:1 meaning you will get 1 coin for every 200 coins you have. this will reduce the supply considerably inline with what the community has been asking for.

This isn't going to be the final version but this is a snapshot of the work we have done so far without theming

This will re startup the POW Stage. and introduce master nodes that will need 1 million coins reserved for the master node to operate

Values below are subject to change.

We have been in voice for 14 hours telling people about this announcement so far to make sure all time zones know about the information.

Discord: https://discord.io/experiencepoints
Website: https://www.xpcoin.io/

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xp to the mooonn

Bad ass! Thanks for the heads up.

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Thanks for the info.

I've been buying and holding XP since January and will continue do so!

Hi there, Can I still make the swap? Coinexchange.io will make the swap themselves or do i have to do it?

1 million coins reserved of new coin or old coin? 1million after swat isnot too much ???