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Those of you who follow me know I am a big time backer of Ethereum and see what massive potential it has. While the Byzantine is moving along nicely the first part of the Metropolis update there are a number of other supportive news articles coming out.

Germanys Biggest Bitcoin Marketplace To Integrate Ethereum the largest of the bitcoin marketplaces in Germany will soon be adding support to trade Ethereum. Germany markets have never seen much demand for other altcoins however demand has now been growing for Ethereum which offers other unique features that bitcoin does not.

One of the biggest things to take notice of these developments is that China, South Korea and Japan seem to be the first to take action while US lags behind and then Europe after. This shows how important markets in China, South Korea and Japan seem to be to the growth of the crypto currency market.

South Korea

South Korea continues to push heavy towards Ethereum and also has passed China in total bitcoin trading volume. The biggest driving factor for Ethereum over bitcoin is the sheer amount of features it has compared to bitcoin. It is now in the finance, identity, supply chain tracking, health care, energy and so many more areas of every day life.


Like some other cryptos Ethereum has a number of tokens, apps and other systems that run on top of it. This upholds the value of Ethereum as everything is still taking place on their core block chain.



I agree with you, ethereum is good investment for future.

@bitcoinflood a really great post, well done. To think that it's only just begun. Exciting times ahead!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest episode of Crypto Nights, this week it focussed on Monero.

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I was also thinking about investing in ETH, 1 of the best choice now.

That is correct Bro You are Right man this data is exceptionally helpful for me thanks continue sharing :)

With the Smart Media Tokens announcement, I believe steem price will also rise significantly.

70% of my portfolio (not a big one) is in ETH. I really hope it comes back up and stabilizes.

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nice! Eth is the best! Gonna be a good month too!

My main reason to hold Ethereum is because it's a lot more useful than just being another crypto currency. People can actually do stuff with it, use the underlying blockchain to automate real life issues. Developers are starting to see the advantages of decentralized applications and integrating them in the existing infrastructure. It's going to be a fun ride ahead for Ethereum.

Look for example Swiss/Estonian Polybius Bank.

u can told me how get bitcoin and Ethereum ming ?!

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Yup Bro You are Right man this information is very useful for me thanks keep sharing :)