Bitcoin Market: BTC Has Likely Bottomed.

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Hi traders, a picture is worth a thousand words.




Nuff' Said!

What say you traders? Have I lost my mind?

Until then...


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May the FØx be with you.

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I hope you are right so muuuuuch :) !

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I hope I am right too ;)

We haven't seen a capitulation yet. A long candle down, as seen in first chart.

Well, I thing this capitulation narrative is getting a bit overtold at this point, people have been expecting a dump for months now, meanwhile Bitcoin is showing all the signs of consolidating.

I believe the wait is over - one more leg down and to the moon.

Your wish came true, one leg to $6100 and immediate bounce

Yeah, big players are still forming their positions - need to shake out more passengers. 😂

yeah, i am pretty sure we've hit bottom, SEC is going to green-light the ETF and the market is going to be on fire.

This is VERY interesting if true. These charts are strikingly similar.

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They are, time will tell if I am right though :)

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