The International Monetary Fund is betting on crypto-currencies

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According to the Btcnn publication , the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ), specializing in lending to the economies of the world, recently posted a video on its official Twitter page, which says that crypto-currencies are advanced technology, and all the advantages of coins are revealed, compared to using conventional banking systems. Video content contains materials on the peculiarities of using digital currencies.

The video is devoted to several crypto-currencies, such as Ripple , Ethereum and Bitcoin . It outlines how the transactions involving digital tokens are performed .

Further in the IMF material are presented such advantages of the crypto-currency transaction, as the speed of the money transfer and the absence of intermediaries. Thus, viewers can make sure that payments with the help of a digital currency are easily and simply performed without the participation of banks. However, the video on crypto-currencies also addresses issues related to network scalability and anonymity of transactions, which makes it possible to use digital tokens for illegal purposes.

It is worth noting that the International Monetary Fund is the largest international financial organization uniting more than 180 countries at the world level and providing countries with monetary support, providing loan loans at interest. However, compared to other banking institutions that are negative about the use of virtual currencies, the IMF takes a neutral position, emphasizing the advantages of using crypto currency, and also warning of potential shortcomings.

It should be noted that, despite the absence of a clearly positive position on digital currencies, it is encouraging that institutions such as the IMF have shown interest in virtual coins and also see great potential in innovative blocking technology that can significantly expand purchasing and transactional the possibilities of any citizen in the world.

Recall that the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde has repeatedly positively expressed in the direction of virtual currencies. So, in October last year, she noted that virtual currencies should not be rejected by the governments of the countries of the world. Meanwhile, in March 2018, Christine stressed that the crypto-currency market should be regulated by the same laws that regulate traditional markets . However, in April, she made an important observation that regulators should not use unjustified regulation of digital tokens , and also expressed support for a balanced approach that gives them a chance to develop.


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