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What is Sharpay ?

Sharpay is a social media buttons where people can earn tokens by sharing content on their social media. So basically when you click on to Sharpay button which is to designed for content distribution for sharing it in multiple platform (Facebook,Twitter etc.) and you get rewarded for it.


The sharpay button can look like anything, for example, it can be designed like on this page ( the picture is given below ) or customized for the any webdesign you wish. The sharpay button can be any color and shape, it can have any logos of connected social networks.

button done.png

How Sharpay function

  1. Website company/owner needs buys Sharpay token for it set a target who will be rewarded with tokens for sharing/multisharing its content from their website.

  2. The users start to share content on their pages on social media from the owner website.

  3. Sharpay user account is automatically created after the first time the user shares the content through Sharpay button upon his/her agreement. Every user gets his/her rating within the system by means of Sharpay scoring system (depending on the number of friends, quality of subscribers, user activeness etc.). Tokens are charged depending on the rating and the number of further click-throughs on the link posted by targeted visitors. There are four types of rating provided for in the basic solution (zero, low, middle, high).

  4. Tokens are charged to the website’s account immediately after the users shared its content (if the website rewards users tokens not only for click-throughs but for sharing as well) and are put on hold for 24 hours. Moreover, the user is rewarded with tokens for click-throughs on the link distributed in accordance with the targeting parameters set by the website.

  5. Sharpay automatically checks the availability of shared content on the pages of users (for it not to be deleted) within 24 hours, counts click-throughs, checks quality of visitors.

  6. In case of positive check result (content is available on social media, click-throughs are in accordance with quality), award will be precisely calculated by the system and the tokens (on 11 hold) will be released to the users accordingly. In case the result is negative, tokens (on hold) will be returned to the website’s account.

Picture 1 shows how it works for website owner
investor done.png

Picture 2 shows how it works for Users
user done.png

Why Sharpay is needed?

The Global Social Media Market sharing button is $40 billion and in two years it estimated to grow upto $50 billion dollar. There are around 1 billion sites in the world and only 3% of them use this Social Media Sharing Button that are as follows: No button, AddThis, ShareThis, AddToAny Others. Not only because the website's number is increasing but consciousness about the social media advertisement grows as well. Sharpay has the ambition to boost 3% market. There is still a huge market cap left which Sharpay wants to fill it.

1 sharpay.png

Sharpay’s several benefits compare to its competitor

For example AddThis, ShareThis, AddToAny and other companies that are providing only the sharing button. Sharpay along with sharing programs has the ability to generate revenue from every share. The ability to use the Blockchain network and smart contracts is also only available at Sharpay. This is the most important thing with sharpay that they provide sharing with profit.

sharpay 2 ok.png

Working Product

What I like about this project is they already have working product. They are already integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Reddit, Telegram, Tumblr, Weibo, OK, Medium, Kakao this social media is connected to the multisharing of the working version of the sharpay button.


The Sharpay team and advisers consists of professionals and expert. In the advisers, they have Ken Huang is a well-known Blockchain Expert, CEO of Distributed Business Applications he has worked in leading positions in the tech companies like Huawei and CGI. Simon Choi TOP Expert at ICO bench, Fintech & ICO Lawyer. ICO bench is the site that I use while looking for ICO understanding the worth of the project. As per as the Team I specifically want to talk about the CEO Anton Solodikov who has also been the CMO of at GOLOS is a licensed fork of designed for the Russian market that pretty cool to have been CMO of such a renowned company which shows that he is with solid experience in blockchain technology. I also took a look at the other members of team which made conclude that this team made of professionals with perfect background who are ready to achieve high achievement.

team done.jpg

Token Sale

Sharpay tokens is issued on Ethereum blockchain platform ERC20 token standard. The token sale is going on you can now contribute and get Sharpay tokens here The Sharpay pre-sale successfully raised 2,400 ETH, and the main stage of the token sale started from March 1, 2018 till the announcement of close of token sale. The token sale will have 1.42 billion tokens for sale at a price of 0.00003 ETH. This is a project I recommend you to support at their ICO. Very promising idea developed by professional who has perfect backgroud in the related field. Don’t miss your chance to get some tokens when its cheap.

token done.png

Please Visit the link for more information:

• Website:
• Whitepaper:
• Telegram:
• Facebook:
• Twitter:
• Medium:
• Steemit:

My Info :

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I love the concept of the project. Thanks for the information.

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