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Today world, those who have money are ruleing the world,

from a small market of a small town in this big earth, to this big crypto market in internet. Making a coin becames very easy today, and after opening an ICO on coinmarketcap, huge hipe of we people gets the news and invest on that shitty coin. Just how easy, to make money be making other people fool. No products, just a white paper in pdf and a shitty wordpress website, will hack our mind to believe them. This is affecting the whole market as other good coins are not getting proper investment and the price is falling badly.

DICK COIN, GAY COIN, what a name and marketing on name. I don't know but I feel this is sitty things on crypto. Just having some money and the code, people are making other people fool.

Coin name is becoming same like domain name, hehee. Reserve your choice name soon if you are also making a coin.

In steemit too, those who have big money, they get big rewards those. And I think girls glamours are also used in this world to make money, from a reception, to a post in steemit showing glamers and sexy pic of theirs, for getting big reward. I don't like to offend any one but after using steemit, I feel this is how people are trying to make money from this platform. And next way, i see from code and bots.

If i don't say about the source, the cheetah bot will catch me, and flag me, but doing like this, some is also making money, using some lines of code, which finds the matching of this content on internet and saying I catched you. This is very easy money dude. As being a programmer, i understand how these codes can be written for making such bots

Money is making our life fucked up,,,

Life, I say, a stage of a drama in this world where we come here, play our part and then goodbye after our role is finished. I think it's a good metaphor to describe life as an actor/actress playing our part on a world stage, as life lies between birth and death. It just about living the time we get, trying to be happy against all odds and spreading a smile. But we people make sometimes, makes life complicated by overthinking about it.

But nowdays, money is making our overthinking habit more and more. In crypto too, more and more shitty coin and investment of people sinking there, which is very bad for all of us making us feel anxious and depressed. We are worrying on shitty things, rather then investing on safe coins. I see people in bittrex, how they trade and make the same coin valuable and sometime unvaluable, which is making all the price fluctiaion in whole market.

Everyone aims to make big money and profit and fell happy but here, if one is going profitable, some one will be already in loss. One's happiness is becoming ones sadness.

This is the way life is running, and we are running over the money. I always feels lost, in this money game. Some times, felling anxiety, on how to earn money, and some time feeling depressed, on how to spend money in right place. The value of knowledge is very low these days. Some one wearing expensive clothes but having dumb mind is more valuable person, compared to some one who brilliant and talent, but without expensive clothes. This is how society is greeting us (people).


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Thanks my readers,,,

I am a common man having common thoughts. I can share, it freely, so never underestimate the power of a common man.

Thanks to people of steemit, my readers.