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I'm on my mid 30's and if you are from the same generation as me you have seen many communication softwares and apps coming and going... Who remember ICQ, MSN Messenger, BBM (blackberry), etc? At the time, when we were using any of these programs we never imagined that something better would come up and replace it right?

Well, now we are on the Whatsapp era and the feeling is the same.. We cannot imagine some app coming up and replacing it.. Feels insane, but is it? Something that we should have learned by now on the technology space is that nothing is perpetual, is just a matter of waiting someone to create something ingenious from their garage and boommm, a new sensation is there..

This is how I feel about Crypviser! If you haven't heard about the crypviser app I bet you will be hearing about it very soon.. Basically Crypviser is a messenger app that uses blockchain technology, but if you are not very familiar with blockchain you will be asking: "So what is the big deal?"

The big deal is very simple and I will try to explain it to you..

When you send a message to someone via whatsapp, your message, photo or anything else is first sent to a centralized server (owned by whatsapp offcourse) and than the message is sent from the server to the person who you are sending to. That means that everything that you say or share on whatsapp is recorded on the server of a company who now has completely control of that content..

Have you ever thought why Whatsapp is for free? That's easy too, basically they use your data "Big Data" to learn about you so they can target market you in the same way that facebook and google does.. Have you ever wondered why when you search for "shoes" on the internet suddenly all websites start to have "shoes Ads"? Well, that's big data, this is how these websites profit from your usage.

In addition to that, centralized services like this are more vulnerable for other issues like hacking, tapping, etc.. Is much easier to target a centralized service, centralized company..

With Crypviser all this will change.. Basically your messages won't be stored on a centralized server.. the app will use the blockchain technology and high cryptography standards to send your messages to your friends, family and lovers.. It means that not even the Crypviser team will have access to your data, everything is completely private and you will be able to get back the control and privacy of your conversations..

I'm not an expert on cryptography, but from a newbe perspective it sounds amazing! I don't want anyone having access to what I say or share with my friends and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Like many other websites and apps today, it will have a free version and a premium one, when you will need to pay a subscription fee to have access to additional features, and that's the cool part if you are into cryptocurrencies! You will only be able to pay the subscription using the CVCOIN token, which means that more people using the app, more people will need to buy the token, and as per the traditional supply and demand rule you can imagine what will happen to the token price right?

The app is still on the alpha version, and the final version should be released by the end of this year or beginning of 2018.. So get ready to start to hear about it... Specially because this is one of the first cryptocurrencies with real application out there..

Today you can only buy CVCOIN on the bitshares platform, but new exchanges are going to be added soon, so get ready for that!

I just would like to clarify that I have no involvement with the crypviser project whatsoever, I'm just an enthusiast who cannot wait to see this app ready to start to use and I hope that after reading this post you will be another one like me!!

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Such an awesome idea, i had it early on this year but didnt had the means to engage and do it.
But such a great break throw for our privacy that we take for granted.
Its only a matter of time that the same concept will be applied on a social network like facebook.. and bring an end to our privacy being pimped and trade between all the big corporations.


Be careful with your private datas!


Exactly.. the Big Brother era is ending!

Absolutely, privacy is invaluable!!

Courtesy of @joshoeah

Sure ready man thnx

Nice post



Awesome post! Keep it up!



how much you invest for promote this post ..can you give me some tips??


I spent 5 sdb.. when you write a post you have an option to promote it and choose how much you do want to spend.. good luck!

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Nice post I wish you good luck @marchesejp


thanks @thepioneer!

Seems cool... but as far as knowledge all the messages in what apps are encrypted now.. which means no one can read whatever we send.
So as far as security is concern what apps actually not a bad idea...

But let Crypviser comes to market.they only we can do an apple-apple compare


well, whatsapp is not secure at all.. check on youtube about ss7 hack whatsapp... you will be very surprised..