What benefits will Tron get from BitTorrent users?

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Co-founder of BitTorrent, a well-known program for file distribution, talks about how Tron can benefit with its new asset.

Justin San, the founder of Tron, bought Bittorent in the previous month for $ 100 million. In a new interview, Ashvin Navin says that Tron will be able to use the total computing power of more than one hundred million users on Bittorent.

"I would say that BitTorrent for many reasons was a pioneer in distributed calculations. We know that the cryptospace is built around decentralization and provides users with the initiative to perform certain tasks. In the case of bitcoin, they gain and produce calculations for different types of transactions. In BitTorrent, there are hundreds of millions of people who have made their computers available to access files. In my opinion, when you have a blockchain company, you can give people more free content for motivation. There might be financiall initiative to make your computer available for those people who want to pay for it. "

According to Navin, Tron can use Bittorent to put decentralization barrier on a higher level. In this process, Tron can create a completely new media form.

"Bittorrent has contributed to the freedom of speech that we love so much. We had
freedom of speech in the past, but this type of freedom only benefited those who have a typewriter.

Decentralization has reduced the barrier of becoming content creator. And before there were Facebook live or YouTube, peer-to-peer calculations made it possible to distribute files, which would otherwise be blocked and prohibited. Nowadays, we have a channel like Cheddar, which makes media accessible much easier, but there is still a computing challenge that requires considerable computational capabilities and this will be the next chapter of BitTorter's history.

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