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Ripple is one of the biggest crypto projects that has an eye on the Indian market. According to Vice President of the company, Ashish Virla, Ripple has already taken over half of the Indian market.

The Vice President said that Ripple intends to add India's financial institutions to its network ecosystem.

"We've been thinking about India too, we looked at two billion people - a huge market - and we started to think on how to attrtact two billion people in the ripple ecosystem? Should we give them one rippple? That would be almost two billion. "

Biral hinted that this move could happen in the future, which would be a big hit in the world economy as well as in the Ripple Company, as the Indian market is huge. Chief Vice President said:

"This is one of the ideas. But then we realized that if we add ripple to India's 3 largest banks, we will get 80% of the market share. Then we thought on where is the future? And we realized that in the next five years, 1 billion people will become bank users in India, but they will use these banks with their phones. So our main goal is mobile operators and telco. "

"If we can do it in India, we will be able to do it in Brazil and in all rising markets. We will not take no for an answer and will continue to create the network until Wells Fargo will not have any other choice but to join us. "

Ripple is now happy with its success in India

Birla enthusiastically pointed out that this is only the first step towards entering Indian market as cryptos and blockchain technologies are still in development. However, according to Birla, this agreement means a lot for Ripple and the company also continues to make deals every week.

"Now in 2018 we sell products to banks and we are making new deals every week, which is amazing for our company."

The Vice President emphasized his speech on how important it was to be active and to have the right vision.

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