How can cardano step above ethereum?

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As on of the main platform for Dapps, Ethereum holds second place in the crypto community with its smart contracts and ICOs. However, the battle gets harder for the first time as various coins are making important steps for success. One of them is Cardano, who has long been in the center of attention, and among the leaders he currently occupies eighth place.

Cardano and Ethereum

Charlz Honkinson, founder of Cardano, has accepted Google's offer to demonstrate technological means that will benefit both companies. Honkinson declares that the meeting details will soon be announced to the cryptographic community.

@IOHK_Charles was invited to speak at the main office of London in the previous month to discuss the future of Cardano and the Cryptowvats. Get acquainted with its blog post @InputOutputHK or go to:

-Cardanos Society (@cardanocom) June 28, 2018

This is one of those news that has led to the popularity of Cardano in the previous month. Like Ethereum, Cardano is a smart contraqts network with main attention on security.

Cardano is a very innovative platform that is used by society and government for various monetary applications in today's world.

As a result of the creation of a two-string network, it is possible to make certain changes and improvements without the need for fork (as needed in case of bitcoin and Ethereum). These two layers are known as the CCL - Cardano Computing Layer and the CSL - Cardano Setlement Layer.

Cardano wallet is called Daedalus and allows users to build decentralized applications on top of its blockchain. Therefore it is strong, versatile and at the same time safe.

With the improvement of the program and the 1.1.0 update, the team announced that they had installed various means related to the user's wallet.

"Daedalus can detect when the user's device time is not synchronized with the international time and displays a bug on the screen. Before this feature was added, when the difference in time was 20 seconds or more, it could not connect to the Internet and displayed a message "connecting to the network".

By moving to a safer programming language than Haskel and running the Ouroboros Protocol algorithm, the Cordano blockchain will probably have a more secure system than Ethereum.

Charles Hoskinson, the chief officer of IOHK and the leader of the Cardano Development Team, never dissapoints his subscribers and regularly publishes news about the researches of his science team.

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You have a minor typo in the following sentence:

As on of the main platform for Dapps, Ethereum holds second place in the crypto community with its smart contracts and ICOs.
It should be one of the instead of on of the.


Will pay more attention next time thank you for reading my blogs so carefully!