Crypto Meeting Zug 25/4: conference overflow and using crypto

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Here is another recap of our weekly meeting hosted by @CryptoWorldZug

Yesterday was a meeting a little out of the routine that we are slowly developing but that is also why we like what we do. There are usually some surprises and so far all of those have been positive.

  • organisation overview
  • Our visitors CGS and CPROP
  • crypto payments
  • trading session
  • Swissrealcoin ICO next week

Organisation overview:

Our meetup group now stands at 139 members which is starting to look like a really nice number and yesterday I would estimate that we had around 40 of you all there at some point.
There were quite a few new faces from one of our neighbours that was curious to what was going on to some people that decided to take in a local crypto meetup in the crypto valley of Zug since they were already here for the conference taking place in the Casino today and tomorrow.

But more important then that conference is OUR CONFERENCE

12,13 JUNE 2018

Crypto World Zug Conference...

early bird tickets till 1/5 for 249 CHF, get them cheap while you can

A couple of notable visitors

So we ended up having a more international group than usual.

  • our next pair came from lands far away: the United States of America and there we had Adam and Melissa from CPROP which is an exiting project that aims to make the whole buying property in the US available to worldwide buyers and paperless to boot...
    Check out their amazing project on and check the small video of Adam Koehler Cprop presentation @cryptoworldzug meetup

For our next improvement we had created some Crypto payment options

Since we fund the rent through the ICO presentations, Donations and the drinks sold during the meetups we started with FIAT only but as a Crypto group this is actually a No GO
So this week I made some papers with an approximate rate for the drinks and put them on the tables
Our 3 payment options were STEEM, BTC and SMARTCASH

and Behold... immediately there were people that used the option and we received our first BTC payments yesterday so for me this means we confirm we are at least worthy to have Crypto in our name.

crypto payment.JPG

Trading Session

So since Fares was off sick *(hope you are feeling better and Vincent was traveling) Dominic stepped up to the plate and took the honors for this week (a big thank you for that)
We made some predictions and the outlook of the crowd had not changed. There was a lot of bullish in the room with a touch of shot term bear. But here I must say that the bear seems to be more and more sleepy and roaring more softly every week.
But no matter what is happening, the traders are happy since there is a lot of volatility again. The hodlers are happy since the trend seems to be up again.


It seems the only ones losing out are the banks (weird right?)

So before I close there is one last point.

Next weeks Visitors:

on Wednesday 2nd of May we are honored to get the people from Swissrealcoin over for a presentation of their project where they have also graciously offered to pay for the drinks that evening...


This is really great. It looks like you are the start of a much larger conference than you currently imagine.

Thanks for the recap @felander! It looks like you had a great meetup! Awesome that the drinks can be paid with crypto now! That's the way to go, and I'll certainly pay using BTC or SBD next week! 😎👍

hehe, looking forward to that... you can be the first one to pay in steem... they will be uploaded straight to the @Cryptoworldzug account and vote you up...

Nice post for awareness look to join...dont know much about it.

welcome to join anytime

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @felander

Follow my blog @powerupme

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thanks in advance

Congratulations friend! That looks pretty good. Keep it up. I invite you to read my publications and leave your comment or vote.
Success is on your side. Happy Thursday!💖💛🇻🇪💃🏻

please do not comment spam on my posts... I would prefer not to see any more answers that you post on every blog you see...
If I so I will feel compelled to flag you instead of upvote you
thanks in advance

Smartcash option is also there.Good.

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