Facts about PoSToken

Facts about PoSToken.
What is PoSToken; PoSToken is the first proof of stake smart contract on ethereum platform to adopt minting system.

Minting system? Yes. PoSToken holders earn extra tokens just by holding PoSToken in a compatible wallet you have it’s private key for a minimum of three days.

Token details;
Maximum total supply: 10,000,000 (15years or longer)
Initial supply: 1,000,000
Development: 100,000
Marketing: 50,000
Bounties: 50,000
Airdrop: 800,000

What makes PoSToken distinct?
The roadmap includes having a decentralized exchange of its own

Usable links

With more than half of the token allocated for airdrop already claimed, PoSToken airdrop continues until 800,000 POS are claimed (till 29th, Oct. 17). The airdrop include additional reward such as signature bounty, YouTube bounty, article bounty, referrer bounty and telegram bounty.
How do I participate? Visit https://airdrop.postoken.org or use this referrer link https://airdrop.postoken.org/?r=7e2n872n to register. All members of bitcointalk including Newbie are eligible.
Just that? Yes. But you need to fill the location field of your bitcointalk profile with your ETH address (MEW wallet, ImToken etc.).

Anything else I need to know? Not much. After claiming your token, you can start to mint for reward.
How do I mint? Next write up will be on that.


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