ANNOUNCEMENT: Credit cards now accepted at zero payment fees


That’s right, Crypto Voucher, the leading platform in simplifying buying crypto, now accepts credit cards at zero payment fees. Crypto Voucher will not be charging customers for the payment fees while using credit/debit cards to buy cryptocurrencies, instead, Crypto Voucher will cover these fees from the service fee (4%) charged on every transaction.

What’s more, Crypto Voucher will be giving 10-euro voucher to every new customer who will make a minimum purchase of 200-euro with credit cards. It is very important to mention that unlike many other platforms, Crypto Voucher will enable credit cards payment for purchases starting from only 10 euros.

Ps. To claim this promotion make your purchase using this reflink.


This promotion is valid until the 31st of December.

Enabling Credit Cards at Crypto Voucher, will also offer our friends and partners at Binance, Steem and Ontology, a great channel to their community to buy BNB, Steem and ONT with credit card.

We put all our efforts to finalize this process after many requests from our customers to allow credit cards payments on Crypto Voucher. We do hope that this step will improve the entry point and shopping experience for the crypto community. Crypto Voucher will continue working towards simplifying the crypto-space, if you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Explanatory video about Crypto Voucher :


Very good news, cheers cryptovoucher!

So can you buy steem with it?

Nice Video And Good Information For Every Person

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Very useful. Good job.

nice if fees are applied to the amount not like the were have 3,5% but for buyers like me hu want to invest small amount (25 usd) we're apply 10 usd fee ... :( :( :( (sorry for me english i am from Romania)

our main goal is to serve people like you who are making small investments. We charge 4% on every transaction and if you buy with a credit card you will not pay any payment processing fees. For example, if you have a voucher of 50 euro, you will get steem worth of around 46 or 47 euro to your wallet( depending on the crypto fee that will be applied to the transaction upon withdrawal).

Does the promotion work with $USD?

Yes, it does, you can buy with your credit card- Please bear in mind that your credit card will be always charged in Euros regardless of the currency you're buying with.

Another bridge between the world of debt and the world of crypto, interesting.

Nice, just signed up!

Ohhh! Great job team @cryptovoucher! This will help the accessibility for people to enter Steem!

No Paypal Support? :(

Please check our distributors listed on our platform, they have lots of payment methods to buy our vouchers.

I guess they are only available to the US?

Most of our distributors sell globally, not only the US :)

Not recommended.

Signing up is not working. A phone number is required for signup too. It didn't work for me in Germany.

Hello Zettt, can you please write to us at [email protected]? we want to investigate this signing up problem.

Hello Zett, Why not? can you please share with us if your opinion is based on using our service or not. We value any feedback you can provide.

overflowing with awesomeness!

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Very interesting news. Is it perhaps possible to provide an example scenario of someone (first time user) who may be considering buy, for example, EUR 50 of Steem? Thanks in addvance.

If you want to buy with a credit card- the first step is to sign up and go through an automatic KYC (Know your customer) form. The second step , after you verify your account is to buy a 50 euro voucher. The third step is to redeem the voucher on our website, on the redemption you choose Steem. And that's we will be executing the transaction instantly. A video explainer of the whole process is in the article.

I've been looking for ways to buy steem directly with fiat, thank you!

By the way, when you ask for the phone number, specify that we should provide it without the 0, as in international format. I'm in the uk, and I entered 0746.... instead of 746.... which provided a wrong number because you guys saved it as +440746.... The 0 should be automatically removed.

Thanks for raising this point, we will improve it.

I just did a test with 200€... When is the "10-euro voucher" supposed to appear? 24 hours?

I will do a review of my experience about this =)

Great! looking forward to seeing your review. The 10 Euro voucher is usually delivered within a few hours, for sure way less than 24 hours :)

How many times can I use the promotion? BTC is going down... I am tempted... =)

Unfortunately Only one time :=) , You can always buy more, we have a very competitive fees :)

hi @cryptovoucher

What if I do not use credit card and instead I'm using debit card?

You can use a debit or a credit card:)

Very god news. Hope this service will not be shot down by banks.

excellent contribution every time I see banks with free access to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies!!!

Standing ovation....

This is amazing, good job cryptovoucher!

Is this service available in the US?

Hello , For the time being, US is one of the few countries we don't serve with credit cards. But you can buy from our online distributors or you can swipe lots of gift cards( like Amazon, Walmart..) to our voucher on our platform.

I don't see amazon as an option?

Have you clicked on the button, Buy with a gift card?

Yep don't see Amazon as an option.
is it geoblocked from USA?

Just doubled checked with the team, Amazon is not available at the time being. However, you can still convert other brands to our vouchers ( over 200 brands).

hi @cryptovoucher

What about Poland or Malaysia?

Hi Piotr, in Poland, you can normally use a credit/debit card.

I got excited because I'd like to buy some steem, but it's too damned complicated and IMO, risky. But I see in the comments we can't buy it with credit card in the U.S. even with your app. Oh well, maybe someday.

Seems Jamaica is blocked from Credit Card use, please verify .

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Cryptovoucher has really made crypto transactions simple in the crypto space and this will also play a major role in the mass adoption of blockchain and crypto.

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