EOS Launch Last Minute Tips For Token Holders

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Today I share a bunch of tools and last minute tips to prepare for the launch of EOS mainnet. Check out the launch offer for my new course The Master Cryptocurrency Trader at: https://www.cryptoversity.com/courses/the-master-cryptocurrency-trader/

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Official date for token freeze:

How to register EOS using Exodus wallet:

Verify Exodus has registered your tokens correctly:

EOS Mainnet wallet:

Block producer profiles:

Block producer voting portals:

EOS launch countdown:

EOSGo launch party stream:

Dates for other EOSGo livestreams:

https://tulipconf.com/ (promo code WIN25)

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Thanks for the info. I like the eosio.sg website. That seems like a good place to vote. I hope people understand the importance of voting on good quality block producers.

It would be nice to see a discussion (hint hint) about quality block producers and recommendations for candidates. Also a list of criteria to consider in block producers.

Good info! I will pass it along. Let's Go EOS!!!!!!!! Thanks Chris!

Good stuff. I am locked and loaded for the launch.

Great video, lots of useful information. Good to see, that the eosio.sg wallet is continued and working....!

Great information and I am grateful for the abundance. hopeful that they will go up big time some day...

Great summary of where we stand! Saw the EOS twitter feed that confirms they remain on track for the launch so interesting days ahead!

thanks for sharing with us your work is really apprectiable our best wishes are always with you and im thinking that crypto will up soon IA.

Great information. Thank you for keeping us informed. My EOS are ready to go.

Do you know if EOS tokens are locked on exchanges for trading during this epic moment?


I think he addresses this around the 14 min mark of the video.

Any thoughts about vetting a subset of the block producers in an upcoming episode?