Why you should invest in 8bit!

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Reasons why 8bit is a great investment...

1_ Cheapest masternode
As of right now you can buy 8bit masternode for 113 coins which costs $35.36 on Cryptopia, that's dirt cheap compared to all the other masternode coins.

2_ Low circulating supply!
The current circulating supply for 8bit is 1,164,415 8BIT O_O and for $0.35 for a coin, that's an amazing deal, and has great potential for going up up up!

3_ Not that popular
Yes, 8bit is not that popular but that's why it's great to buy right now, with YOUR help it can get to top 100! And people will probably buy it at $5 for a coin like Chaincoin and if that happens (I'm confident it will) 1 masternode= $550+ compared to today's $35.36 that's insane!
With your help, this coin could be the next ChainCoin or Pivx :)

Thank you! Looking forward to reading your comments! :D


Do you have tutorial on how to run this masternode on vps ubuntu?

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