Crypto Poems #2

in cryptotunes •  2 months ago


Crypto Tunes

slow, minimal, monotonous beat starts

Dolphins are smarter than whales,
Fresh bread is better than stale,
Some graduate streets and others do Yale,
Darker is better, much better than pale,
I'm feeling good, bitcoin's on sale...
Speaking of Bitcoin - it's better than cash,
Your funds are safu with it,
people like us - can't find your stash,
Good reason enough to invest at least half,
Invest, invest brother, you only liquidate once (YOLO)
But this song is not about you or a market crash...
It's here to make steemians dance,
Collect some rewards, buy me new pants,
Visit Hanz - he still owes me for those two grams,
Then back to the lab to build a few dapps,
Take a few dabs and browse through some tabs...
Curate some minnows and crabs,
Dolphins are wonderful creatures - I love sharing facts.

beat fades

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Dolphins are dancing, minnows are creeping, whales are melting, ocra's are swimming, haha tried but it's too funny and tough to write something on crypto poem side.

Dear sir it's an amazing experience I feels after the reading of your crypto poem. It's completely awesome.

God bless you dear sir.

A picture of a very beautiful landscape, Is that where you work? @kaliju

Muy bueno el poema @kaliju acerca de las Cryptos y la impirtancia de invertir en ellas en estos momentos. La fotografia es excelente amigo felicidades por mostrarnos tu ciudad en modo nocturno

@Mukhtarilyas, yes, the fish dolphins are smart and have good instincts. @kaliju, dolphins must be wise in small fish and crabs. Ok Success always

This poem is really amazing.I also like poetry and music.Poetry shows that nature has great worth and it has a lots of things to reveal. Poetry gives us peace of mind and heart.Thanks for sharing this nice poem.

Lovely tunes again @kaliju 😉 it's been a while no news from ginabot about you 😊

Beautiful music,,waooo

I think I'm going to start recording these


Don't think😉 record this now

@kaliju,el poema muy bonito relacionado con la crypto,ya que es en estos momentos lo que nos interesa y de la foto demasiado bella, transmite mucha paz,que linda tu ciudad,saludos

Well done, muy buen trabajo, un poema dedicado a las criptos, muy original, y la fotografía es bastante llamativa, le envío un abrazo enorme desde Venezuela.

Far out, daddy-o.
snap snap snap snap snap snap snap


As close to avant-garde as possible

@kaliju, Yes, in my opinion the Dolphins are spreading the most support on Steem Blockchain and that's an great aspect.

Yes, ups and downs will be there but we should not demotivate ourselves because life will follow it's rules and we have to follow our passion.

Yesterday it was great days in Crypto Sphere, today it's crisis and tomorrow may be we can see the greatest times ever who knows.

And spreading the support through Curation is really vital aspect because every support is an motivation in Crisis.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

aqui mi visita para desear una feliz noche,gracias por contar con su aporte,se lo agradezco.

@kaliju, muy bello poema acerca de los criptos y la importancia de invertir en ella, excelente fotografía, lo invito visitar mi blog. Muy buen trabajo