Crypto Talk Live (Ep. 4) - Lloyd Blankenfein, Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs, YIKES Houston Graffiti, SentinelOne, and Hots & Shots

On this episode of

Crypto Talk Live

We have guests Caleb Fenton of SentinelOne Software discuss malware and ransomware on the blockchain. @jonny-clearwater of Steemit's new shot Hots & Shots, and a special in-studio guest YIKES of Houston. We also have @hammockhouse engaging behind the scenes.
We discuss the rise of ransomware being paired with cryptocurrency. We touch on graffiti art and how it can be a great addition to steemit. @jonny-clearwater explains his new show Hots & Shots. We also discuss what a steem witness is and why it's important to vote. Hear why @fyrstikken is his vote for steem witness. Unfortunately, @dtube was not uploading the video so we placed it on YouTube. Stay tuned for another episode of Crypto Talk Live.


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Caleb needs to be here at steemit!

I'm working on him. I think he would do well here.

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