The cryptotab browser... can change life

in cryptotab •  4 months ago

First I'll put here my refferal:

this browser is designed to be lite and fast,
and mine bitcoin on the same time that you are surffing,
you can use your computer to mine hard or soft version

you can use 50% and more from CPU or 10% or less
the browser is completely sync with google chrome.

this programs can solve the problem of minning.

what do you say guys?

that is not a scam, I see my hash rate go up and I checked the scripts..
about the refferals I don't know.

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The amount of Bitcoin you can mine on a regular computer is tiny and costs way more in electricity than its worth.
The only coin worth mining on a CPU is Monero, and you have to have a big L3 Cache and lots of cores to make it worth it.
Threadripper is great but don't bother with a low end CPU.


I am mining since 2012
I know , the thing in this cryptotab is the power of the people...


Good to know I'm not the only miner in Israel!


Thats great to know about such an app

Beautiful cryptotab thanks for sharing this

Nice! I'll definitely try this. Can it be one account for many computers?


Bitcoin difficulty level is already too high ao if we mine thru laptop then I think it's won't be profitable. Am I right?

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you do, actually it mines monero, you can make with a nice pc 3-4 usd a month
but the point is refferals...

thats very good
thanks for the information