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Lately I have been testing many blockchain, many games for the purpose of getting money. This time I came across a blockchain called

This allows us to make money as in all blockchain, this thanks to the sale of collectible characters.

The nice thing about this blockchain like all others is that it allows us to earn money, thanks to the collection of characters.

Something very similar to Steemmonster, but in this case each character "Face card" has a value in Ethereum. Each CryptoSkull character is a unique pixel art image.

Enter the platform, register and participate.

The market for these collectible cards is very open, we can search by value. The most expensive, and the cheapest, collectible cards.

Sin título.png

How do we buy a card? We can buy a card by clicking on it, it will show us the following options. PURCHASE AND AUCTION.

Sin título.png

As expected, we will be bidding with other buyers, interested in the letter, that this could increase their value. The rarer the card, the more expensive it will be.

Each card belonging to CrytoSkulls is exclusively unique, this is the interesting thing about this Blockchain, each card has unique characteristics.

CryptoSkulls are 10,000 non-fungible tokens ERC-721

CryptoSkulls are hand drawn images, extremely rare in the game CryptoStulls. They are called SKULL LORDS. Its uniqueness index is 1. Extreme rarity! Its value is high in the auction market.

I invite you to join this blockchain, let's make money together ... If I get cards I will try to sell them personally by discord. I will create a channel if I see that they support this cause, and I will upload tutorials about the game.

I need you to support me, this idea cannot die in being just that, an idea. We must get going, the world of cryptocurrencies is the future.


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