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Credit Rating Firm Backs $8 Million Fundraise for Crypto Alternative

A blockchain startup has raised $8 million in a seed funding round with a mission to develop a protocol to serve the unbanked.

Congressman's Call for Crypto Ban Sparks Social Uproar

In the span of a few hours, it became Crypto Twitter vs U.S. Representative Brad Sherman.

Barclays Seeks Twin Blockchain Patents for Banking Services

Barclays Bank proposed using blockchain to make various banking processes more efficient in a pair of patent applications.

It Took Just A Day for Tron's Founder to Win His Own Blockchain's Election

After announcing his candidacy just one day ago, Tron founder Justin Sun has already been elected to run a node in the network.

Malta Stock Exchange Inks Deals to Build Security Token Exchanges

A new arm of the Malta Stock Exchange is partnering with Neufund to launch a stock exchange for tokenized securities and crypto assets.

Ethereum Scaling Solution Raiden Releases Last Testnet Before Launch

The team behind the Raiden, which creates payment channels to help ethereum scale, has launched the final testnet before the tech goes live.

Report: Blockchain Spending to Hit Nearly $12 Billion By 2022

Spending on blockchain solutions is forecasted to increase annually at a growth rate of close to 75 percent through 2022, according to a new report.

Ex-Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Is Making a Cryptocurrency

Steve Bannon, former chief strategist to President Donald Trump, confirmed Wednesday that he is working on a cryptocurrency of his own.

US Consumer Finance Watchdog Opens Regulatory Sandbox to Blockchain

The CFPB is launching a regulatory sandbox to encourage innovation in new tech such as blockchain, acting head Mick Mulvaney announced Wednesday.

Ethereum's Most Heated Tech Debate Is Proving It's Far From Over

A resurgence of debate surrounding fund recovery on the ethereum network shows the topic is still as divisive as ever.


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