What does cryptos and wine have in common?.....

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Well... Everything. Because, I have been staking beancash for a few days and got a crypto debit card. I went to the local wine store to buy some wine with my sprouted bean cash. I just recently broke my charger on my smart watched and used my sprouts to purchase this lovely charger. It arrived today. I also bought some random food and other items for the home. The total cost was zero dollars. And that is why I love bean cash for staking proof of staking coins.

If this isn't a good reason to do it, then I don't know what to tell you. :)

The wine is better when you use cryptos....

Thanks for reading....



with new and beautiful wines and chargers makes you enjoy the beauty of today. a pleasant life.

Yes Indeed... Thanks...

So cool.. I should have invested too :s

Someday.. Its still low at 42 satoshis

Wow it's color looks great must have great aroma and taste...

Yes, everything taste better free ;)

Hehe, free wine is free wine.... And it was all due to staking a pos coin.

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