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With the Russian digital currency, the government hopes to avoid sanctions imposed on the country. It is a currency that, according to the government, should circulate with a ruble equivalent, but be traced and restricted.

As already reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin has recommended that government officials work on the development of a national criptomoeda called "criptorouble".

According to the Financial Times, Sergei Glazev, the president's economic adviser, told a government meeting that the cryptomoeda would be a "useful tool" to avoid international economic sanctions.

Glazev explained:

This instrument will serve us well for sensitive activities on behalf of the State. We can settle accounts around the world without considering the penalties. "

The president's economic adviser indicated that cryptorublo would be equivalent to the ruble, but with its somewhat "restricted" circulation and allowing the Kremlin to monitor

It is not yet clear whether the cryptomeo will be issued by the country's central bank, the Bank of Russia.