The Crypto Renaissance Design Competition [Poster Contest with Upvote Prizes!] / My Participation

in #cryptorenaissance3 years ago

Greetings my dear friends, on this occasion I bring you my participation in the contest to create a poster for the exhibition "The Crypto Renaissance", this will be the first public exhibition in New York City, where everything related to Steem's blockchain will be shown, and the creative and community experiences of the first cohort of the sndbox project, there will be a fabulous interactive exhibition where the public will be educated with professional graphics and explanations of everything related to the chain of blocks.

For this design I used a beautiful New York City background, I also added details such as a chain with a padlock representing the Steem Blockchain, and I added the logos of some of the decentralized steem applications that we can use, I hope you like my design, a big hug for everyone.


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