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Good morning CryptoPub and welcome to the start of a new week! I have relaxed on my daily updates but will resume them when they are entertaining again or there is news to report. In this case, taking a look at the beginning of the week after a nice green jump is fun!

Feb 11 Ticker.jpg

Bitcoin volume is a little low still compared to late last week but price is about even on the day. Ethereum has taken over the lead in trade volume by about a million and is up over 3% on the day to $123. Dash is kicking it today, up 8% to almost$8 and one might expect Monero to follow suit? In the Poodle race of entertaining alts, we are in the red on the day with Tron down over 4% (incoming Bittorrent airdrop for TRX hodlers) and FunFair is the only green one, up about 1.4% from where it was yesterday at this point.

Feb 11 BTC T&A.jpg

T&A today brought to you by @slobberchops and the gripping saga he is regaling us with over a few pints
I am looking right to the 12-hour Bitcoin chart to see what happened with the pump and where we should go on a shorter term basis. You can see the MACD cross upward for that old familiar pump and scalpers would have netted themselves a quick 10% return if they scooped down below the Bollinger line and sold when it crossed the upper one. The Stochastic Relative Support index on the bottom is in overbought/overvalued and looking to correct back down but this uptick in volume, and the nice Bull Flag we are in may carry us back up to $3800 riding the EFT rumors.

Source/News: HODLers digest!

When things heat up, we will return to the airdrop initiative for #cryptoPub followers. In the meantime, you can support the CryptoPub Airdrop Initiative through a donation to one of the following addresses. We also accept alt coin donations that will be given away in the Airdrop!

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Gripping saga? The late 80's part of my life was hardly gripping.. but that phrase made me smile... ;)

HAha yah! I have been following that saga as well and remember the days of piracy when hard drives first came out.

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