Crypto weary March 2019 forecast

in #cryptopredition2 years ago (edited)

Today is that day to say hello to everyone on the Steemit blockchain! It has been a great pleasure to be here entertaining all of you but today is rather a very special one.

As I settled onto a beach blanket covering the warm sand and then finally took some deep breaths of the warm salty seaweed air, my heart felt full. Ahhhh! Finally, relaxation time. Yes, here I was ready to take a nice beach nap but noticed how the clouds formed into something I never thought was possible.

When a pig fly and a scorpion bite it in the ass, then I know it’s a sign of something very unusual is happening....


A pig got his ass pinched by a scropio. Damn, is this a metaphor for March 2019 crypto market?!!

Pig: prosperity
Scorpio: A sting. poisonous. unwanted feelings. Bad.

Well, what is your opinion of the crypto space in mid March 2019.

And as always, have a wonderful day.



God is just trying to tell you Things are changing for the Better Soon........