The Active Hive LLC Presents: Cryptopolis

Cryptopolis is an exciting online business simulator. Only you decide whether you will be an industrial magnate or owner of a small cafe. Start your own virtual business, buy companies, build hotels and casinos, sell your goods and services and withdraw your profit! With us you can earn even without investing your own funds! Collect bonuses, complete simple tasks, view advertisements or become our affiliate partner. You will receive real bitcoins for any activity in the game!

  1. Registration
    Right after registration, you will receive your first free building as a welcome bonus.

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  • Only Use Letters & Numbers In Password
  1. Finances
    There are two type of balance in the game. The balance for purchases is used for city building and advertising. The main balance is used to withdraw funds. You can also transfer funds from the main balance to the balance for purchases if you want to purchase a new building or pay for your ads.

To buy new buildings or pay for advertising you must replenish your balance for purchases. We accept deposits in different currencies, but the main currency of the game is Bitcoin. Therefore, if you top up the balance using a different currency, then these funds will be automatically transferred to bitcoins at the current average market rate.

  1. City building
    To purchase a new building go to the City building section and choose the building you want to purchase. You must have enough funds on your purchase balance. Each building has its own cost, lifetime and brings different profits.

  2. Advertising
    In our game you can also earn by browsing the websites of our advertisers. If you want to advertise your sites or referral links, just add your ad and replenish the balance of your advertising company. You should have enough funds on your balance for purchases. We provide very low advertising prices, and you in turn receive thousands of targeted visitors and referrals. We do not allow the promotion of pornography, prohibited content and viral sites. In case of violation, your account will be permanently blocked!

  3. Affiliate program
    An affiliate program is also available for all project users. We pay 5% of any deposits of the users you invited (referrals). It is not necessary to have an active deposit, just register, get access to the dashboard with a personal affiliate link. The funds earned with the partner program are credited to your account balance and can be withdrawn immediately. As advertising is the main source of our income, we are interested in having as many users as possible visit our site daily. Therefore, we decided to reward our users with an additional bonus of 50 Satoshi for each referral, regardless of its activity! This bonus is paid to your balance for purchases. You can use these funds for advertising your sites or purchasing new buildings!

  4. Withdraw
    All user data is securely encrypted and each withdrawal request is carefully checked and processed in manual mode. The payment audit process typically takes between 1-24 hours and in certain rare circumstances could take a little longer. There are no any restrictions on withdrawal of funds except the minimum withdrawal amount which is only 0.001 BTC.

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