Crypto Pirates Roadmap

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Introduction to Crypto Pirates

Crypto Pirates is a game in which players can earn real money. It is a trading simulator that provides an opportunity to learn how to earn real money on the Internet without any risk. You buy virtual ships, real pirates to attack other players' ships, and real guns and ammunition. You can also purchase a variety of upgrades for your ships and base, as well as special pirates, who will increase the amount of money you earn.

Crypto Pirates is a newly released mobile game based on the Ethereum blockchain. In this game, you can sail the seas and become a pirate, fight other players and get rich, grow your army, build your fortress and invade other players. The game has a fully fledged economy and there are many things to do and earn.


Goals of Crypto Pirates

The Crypto Pirates project is focusing on old school RPG (Role Playing Games), the game that is a highly addictive and engaging game. The game requires skill and strategy and is a game of chance. The game is built around a crypto currency, similar to Bitcoin, and is designed to be very addictive. As the game progresses, we will build a city and expand the game to a world wide phenomenon. The game will be built to suit both casual and hardcore gamers. In addition, we will be developing a complete ecosystem of products that will cater to the gaming and crypto currency. Our long term goal is to be the most downloaded, most engaging, and most profitable game out there. We need the support of the crypto currency community to achieve this goal and we are asking for your support.

When we started Crypto Pirates, we had a vision to create a mobile game that was both fun and rewarding. We wanted to create a game that would be the first to incentivize players to learn about the blockchain and cryptocurrency. We want Crypto Pirates to be a game that people play because they enjoy it, and we want it to be played by people who are interested in learning more about blockchain, but don't know where to start. We want the game to be a way that anyone can learn about the blockchain, and a lot of the other cool things that are out there. We want people to use Crypto Pirates as a tool to get them interested in their own economies, and the economies of other players. We want to create an awesome environment for people to learn about the blockchain, and at the same time, have fun playing a game. Crypto Pirates is a game that is intended to be fun, and an incentive for learning.

Our goals are to create an online game with a blockchain backend where users can build their ships, choose their flags, upgrade their ship and complete challenges. We aim to build an online game which is fun to play and where the users can earn real rewards. The game will be a Role playing game fused with strategy and adventure game elements.



We are excited for the future of Crypto Pirates and we are excited about our partnerships and the success of our ICO. We are working hard to deliver what is promised to our investors. We want to see Cryptocurrency accepted as a global payment method and we want to see the Blockchain technology used for many different applications. We are looking forward to a day when Paypal, Venmo and Apple Pay are obsolete and replaced with decentralized apps using the Blockchain technology. We are excited to bring our early investors into the Crypto Pirates Community and make a global impact on the world.




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