Grab your STEEM and buy some coffee

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We received a ton of feedback and comments to our previous post about STEEM integration into Paytomat ecosystem.

What's next? See the video below!


Great work @paytomat! Very exciting for the Steem ecosystem.

David Jefferys | Business Development | Steemit, Inc.

@paytomat Team, Great to hear this, but i have one doubt and that is, just installed the Paytomat Application but i am not able to see the Steem for the Configuration. Kindly waiting for your response. Stay blessed. 🙂

I think it’s only on the merchant side, if you watch the video they use @roelandp’s Steem Wallet to pay to the QR code provided by the merchant. I have requested a merchant account to verify, also will chat to them about integrating Steem into their consumer wallet too.

Thank you so much for your kind and clarifying response. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

At the moment we added Steem at Paytomat Core which means all of the merchants who accept crypto via our point of sale and ecommerce plugins are automatically accepting it. The wallet will take some time but we'll get there as well.

The sample you've seen on the video was the plugin for point of sale system in Ukraine. It basically allows to print qr codes for specific cryptos on customers' receipts.

P.S. I'm a part of the team so feel free to ask me questions also.

Thank you so much for your response and if some queries born then definitely i will get back to you. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

No problem. Nice to e-meet you.

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Same here e-brother. 🙂

Will Bulgaria be accessible?

Sure, it will be. But first we need to find partners there. If you can help, we'll be very thankful:) We have a Regional Leaders program. The main function of our RLs is to look for local merchants to connect them to Paytomat.

Get one big retailer to accept this and STEEM grows so much.

We are working on getting some big retailers:)

Any clues on who they might be?

We are working on making partnerships all the time. It is difficult to say who will be first really big retailer. Negotiations take a lot f time

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Why not SBD?

We add coins according to our roadmap. But now you are able to vote for your coin at and if it reach the passing grade it will be added to Paytomat.

Nice! I don't expect Steemians to actually use this en masse but it's integrations like these that makes crypto better!!

Skip the card, i'd rather pay extra if the merchant accepts QR payment in crypto!!

Steem will the global currency for coffee :D @coruscate

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If you think about it, that totally make sense. You provide value, earn some STEEM and then instead of converting it into Bitcoin and then into cash, you just pay for your lunch directly in this currency.

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This was exactly what i had posted about months ago to being the trigger for mass adoption. People using actifit, earning STEEM and then using their phone to pay for sports goods with STEEM. They will never come near this site or blog but instead use a few of the apps to accumulate STEEM and SMT's in a wallet and be able to spent them in real time. Great work.

This is great, guys!:)

Thanks to project like this Steem will be more accepted in real world and will have real use value, so its price will go up.

Congrats @paytomat :)

That's great news, good thing I decided to check your blog today :) will let people know.

Hello! We are glad you decided to check our blog and liked this news:)

Is the Paytomat similar to a credit card?

Paytomat is a merchant solution to accept crypto at point of sale :)

I was a little confused just then, OK no problem 👍

Congrats! I posted a lot about Paytomat on Steemit in my blog, so I'm happy to know that I can spend STEEM and SBD now with Paytomat wallet.
Will update my wallet right now!

It is a great idea to update your wallet!:)

I always do it and thanks to Paytomat EOS accs giveaway I have account there now

You are always welcome, my friend:)


(Paytomat ist eine Multicoinwallet. Sie unterstützt unter anderem auch Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash und DASH.)

Please put this video in dtube if you have not already @paytomat. You can download this one from yt and it will compress. Then it will quickly upload to dtube. Tag it with dtubesnap and you will get hits for sure.

I'm so glad to see this program. You rock!

Do you guys have any plan to expand to online pay gateway solution too?
We're looking at online crypto pay solution like Coingate for our next project (ReviewHunt), but it would be great if it supports STEEM too.

Paytomat does have a web gateway solution via Woocommerce plugin, there should be more details on their website, once you sign up as a merchant that should be available to you. I'm going to do so myself to test.

Well done! will download the app now.

We'll be glad to get your feedback:)

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Fuck yeah thanks for this 🙏🏽

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You are always welcome;)

Interesting news and a good opportunity. Thanks for this news.

There are more to come:) Follow our news;)

This is wonderful news. Cheers @paytomat!

Great news for steem community.
To make steem community great again sir I also want to contribute some so I have started an initiative by a blog reader on steemit can earn rewards.
Here is the link sir
Hope you liked the idea sir

Hope, people will like it and you'll be able to spend you Steem wherever you go ith Paytomat :)

Now we only need a bull market so a coffee doesnt cost 30 STEEM. :D

Amazing stuff guys.

Thank you:) The bull market will come sooner or later:)

This is really amazing, good news!

Thank you:)

it's very good news ♥

Glad you liked it;)

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am i dreaming?

nope, that's reality:)

Whaaoou ! that is a big step forward for Steem.

It's a big step for all of us:)